Aerial Operator
Aerial Operator
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XXXIX (39)
Creator Hanaka Busujima
Form Gas Mask
Main Color(s) Brass Color

Buso Renkin of the Gas Mask Aerial Operator the Buso Renkin of Hanaka Busujima.


The Kakugane takes the form of a helmet-like gas mask with a long, vertical pipe at the front and numerous other pipes emerging from the back like dreadlocks.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Atmospheric Control: Able to alter and mix various gases (Oxygen, Poison, Laughing, Knockout) to create new ones. Once expelled the gas needs time to build up pressure before it can be mixed again.
  • Gas Mask: As it's name implies, the Tube in the helmet has a filtration system to protect the user.
  • Multi-Purpose Goggles: In addition to protecting her eyes, the helmet can also fuction as Binoculars, a microscope and Night-Vision Goggles.
Aerial Operator Gas

Creating Gas



  • Watsuki wanted to create a Buso Renkin like this for the Re-Extermination squad but didn't really know what to do with it until he learned Napalm was used to clear Poison Gas.
  • The name was created on the spot and it was modeled after 'gas masks of the 19th Century where an evil corporation released poison gas into the atmosphere'.