Alchemist Army
Name Alchemist Army
Founder(s) Unknown Guild of Alchemists
Headquarters Alchemy Power Laboratory
Leader(s) Shosei Sakaguchi (Asian Sector)
Purpose Oversee every aspect of alchemy.
The Alchemist Army (錬金術 船団, Renkin Sendan, Japanese for "Alchemic Regiment") is the organization which manages and governs the Alchemist Warriors. The series mainly focuses on the Asian sector of the army based in Japan.

In the Japanese manga, with the only exceptions of the three newcomers Kazuki Muto, Ouka Hayasaka and Shusui Hayasaka, all Japanese members of the Alchemist Army have their names annotated with katakana (e.g. ムラ Tsumura Tokiko, though the family name Tsumura used to be annotated with hiragana until volume 6) which is unusual in typical Japanese. All other characters have their names regularly annotated with hiragana (eg. ちょうこうしゃく Chōno Kōshaku).


The Alchemist Army began in Europe in the middle ages as a guild of alchemists who eventually created the Kakugane. It eventually became a secret organization that oversees every aspect of alchemy worldwide with three main goals; to oversee the Kakugane, the destruction of the Homunculi and the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

Through the ages the Army continued its research to create the Philosopher's Stone until around a hundred years ago a research team led by Alexandria Powered made a breakthrough and used the Kakugane with the serial numbers I, II and III to create three prototypes, the Black Kakugane.

Eventually the Alchemist Army was locked in a war with an army of Homunculi. The greatest warrior in the army at the time, Victor Powered had his heart badly damaged fighting against a Homunculus Chief. As they could not afford to lose their greatest warrior, the Philosopher's Stone research team, led by Victor's wife Alexandria inserted Black Kakugane I into his chest which transformed him into the third-type of being even more monstrous than the Homunculi. In a fit of rage Victor destroyed the research facility, killing almost everyone inside it and severely injuring Alexandria in the process.

After the army was driven to the brink of destruction, they hunted Victor down, even resorting to transforming his daughter Victoria into a humanoid Homunculus to lead an army of Homunculi to attack him, however Victor managed to escape but was badly injured in the process.

Over the years the Alchemist Army regrouped and reformed itself, taking on missions in the present day.

Notable MembersEdit

Name Kakugane Rank Team(s) Status
Shosei Sakaguchi XVII (17): Buster Baron Great Warrior Chief High Command (Asian Sector)
Team Shosei Sighting Squad
Victor Powered Black Kakugane I (1): Fatal Attraction Warrior Chief n/a Left group
Captain Bravo C (100): Silver Skin
LII (52): Silver Skin: Alternate Type
Warrior Chief Team Shosei Sighting Squad
Team Bravo
Sekima Hiwatari XX (20): Blaze of Glory Warrior Chief Team Shosei Sighting Squad
Re-Extermination Squad
Chitose Tateyama XCV (95): Hermes Drive Warrior Team Shosei Sighting Squad
Re-Extermination Squad (Manga only)
Victor Hunt Squad (Anime only)
Tokiko Tsumura XLIV (44): Valkyrie Skirt Warrior Team Bravo Active
Kazuki Muto Black Kakugane III (3): Sunlight Heart/Sunlight Heart Plus
XLIV (44): Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type
Warrior Team Bravo Active
Gota Nakamura LV (55): Motor Gears Warrior (Rookie) n/a Active
Genji Ikusabe XII (12): Gekisen Warrior Team Shosei Sighting Squad
Re-Extermination Squad
Shinobu Negoro XIV (14): Secret Trail Warrior Re-Extermination Squad Active
Hanaka Busujima XXXIX (39): Aerial Operator Warrior Re-Extermination Squad
Victor Hunt Squad (Anime only)
Madoka Maruyama XXXII (32): Bubble Cage Warrior Re-Extermination Squad (Manga only)
Victor Hunt Squad (Anime only)
Rintaro Inukai XCII (92): Killer Rabies Warrior Re-Extermination Squad (Manga only)
Victor Hunt Squad (Anime only)
Shusui Hayasaka XXIII (23): Sword Samurai X Warrior n/a Active
The Captain LXXVII (77): Deep Breathing (Part 1) Deep Breathing Captain Deep Breathing Crew Active
Unnamed Crew Member LXXVIII (78): Deep Breathing (Part 2) Crew Member Deep Breathing Crew Active
Unnamed Crew Member LXXIX (79): Deep Breathing (Part 3) Crew Member Deep Breathing Crew Active
Unnamed Alchemist Warrior XI (11): Alchemy-Powered Laboratory n/a n/a Active
Unnamed Alchemist Warrior LXVI (66): Genocide Circus n/a n/a Active
Alexandria Powered L (50): Rurio Head Assistant Section Chief Philosopher's Stone Research Team Left group, deceased
Victoria Powered LI (51): Underground Searchlight n/a Victor Assassination Squad Left group
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