Angel Gozen
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XXII (22)
LXX (70, Alternate Type)
Creator Ouka Hayasaka
Form Bow, arrows, right-hand gauntlet and Gozen automation
Main Color(s) Pearl pink and ruby red
This article is about the Buso Renkin. For the character, see Angel Gozen (Character).

"What are the arrows loosed by a laughing angel?" - Nobuhiro Watsuki

The Archery Buso Renkin Angel Gozen (弓矢の武装錬金 エンゼル御前 Ācherī no Busō Renkin Enzeru Gozen) is the Buso Renkin of Ouka Hayasaka.


Angel Gozen takes the form of a large pink and red bow with a large decorated heart shape covering the handle. In addition to the bow it creates a bulky right-hand gauntlet with silver plating and finally a pink and red winged pixie-like automation that has large red eyes and a heart on its chest. When activated using Kakugane LXX the automation's red bow shaped wings are replaced with creme butterfly wings.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Angel Gozen Arrow

Firing Arrows

Gozen Automation: This automation shares its consciousness with Ouka and becomes her alter ego, having its own voice and mannerisms it becomes a character in its own right.

  • Arrow Generation: In battle the automation helps create, aim and launch shining pink arrows from the main bow. It can launch several of these arrows at high speeds and with extreme accuracy making them difficult to avoid.
  • Communication Device: Through the heart shape antennae on top of its head it can be used in a way that is similar to a phone and can even broadcast video back to Ouka.
  • Urination: When scared, the automation can actually pee itself, a rather useless ability used solely for comic relief.
Angel Gozen Heart Arrow

Heart Arrow

Heart Arrows: The gauntlet can create special heart arrows which have the ability to absorb the target's injuries and transfer it to the archer. However this is limited to physical injuries and weariness, as such it cannot transfer serious injuries like a lost limb or diseases and death.

Alternate TypeEdit


Angel Gozen's alternate form.

Angel Gozen: Alternate Type (エンゼル御前 アナザータイプ Enzeru Gozen: Anazā Taipu): When Ouka uses Kakugane LXX, the automation appears the same but now has cream colored butterfly wings instead. This could because the Kakugane previously belonged to Dr. Butterfly or because it was given to Ouka by Papillon who subsequently started working for. The gauntlet appears the same as the original but it is unknown what the bow looks like as it remained unseen.


  • The injury transfer ability is limited to physical injuries and weariness, as such it cannot transfer serious injuries like a lost limb or diseases and death.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states that he got the name for the weapon from his wife Kaoru Kurosaki who suggested calling it Cupid Gozen.
  • One of Watsuki's assistants designed the bow and arrows using the heart as a basic design motif.


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