Buso Renkin
Use Weapons of the Alchemist Warriors
Created By Unknown alchemists
Used By Alchemist Warriors
Humanoid Homunculi
Humanoid Third Type
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)
Buso Renkin (武装錬金 Busō Renkin, Japanese for "Arms Alchemy") Buso Renkin are alchemical weapons formed by the Kakugane, based on the user's will to fight. Buso Renkin are the only weapons known to be able to kill a Homunculus.


Responding to the user's fighting spirit a Kakugane disassembles and reassembles into a unique shape based on the user's personality and fighting style. This means that they can only be used by humans or human-type Homunculi, since only humans have the instinct to use tools to defend themselves. Buso Renkin commonly take the form of metallic weaponry such as a lance, battle axe or death scythe but it is also possible for the Kakugane to form more unusual items such as a submarine, an underground passageway or even a sentient mechanized doll.

The form a Buso Renkin can take is completely unique depending on the user as no two Buso Renkin are the same, even the same Buso Renkin formed using a Kakugane with a different serial number has some cosmetic differences which is often known as an Alternate Type. A Buso Renkin will not activate if the user is exhausted, heavily injured or otherwise unable to fight as it dampens their fighting spirit which fuels the Buso Renkin, in the case of Tokiko Tsumura a parasitic Homunculus core inside the user can also effect the chances of a Buso Renkin being activated.

Sharing the same origin as the Kakugane, the Buso Renkin were the result of weaponry development within the Alchemist Army and as a counter to the monstrous Homunculi. Like the Homunculi however they proved to be too dangerous and were kept secret from the public.

Double Buso RenkinEdit

It is possible for more than one Kakugane to be used as a Buso Renkin by a single person. The Buso Renkin formed are both the same weapon, however they will look different, usually with one being an Alternate Type. While having two Buso Renkin boasts more power, there are many drawbacks as the weapons can become heavily unstable if the user is not experienced in the use of multiple Buso Renkin, as such only an experienced Alchemist Warrior like Captain Bravo can use them efficiently.

Known Buso RenkinEdit

Buso Renkin
Name Title Kakugane Wielder
Sunlight Heart Buso Renkin of the Lance Black Kakugane III (3) Kazuki Muto
Sunlight Heart Plus Buso Renkin of the Lance Black Kakugane III (3) Kazuki Muto
Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type Buso Renkin of the Double Lance XLIV (44) Kazuki Muto
Valkyrie Skirt Buso Renkin of the Death-Scythe XLIV (44) Tokiko Tsumura
Silver Skin Buso Renkin of the Metal Jacket C (100) Captain Bravo
Silver Skin: Alternate Type Buso Renkin of the Double Metal Jacket LII (52) Captain Bravo
Near-Death Happiness Buso Renkin of the Black Powder LXI (61) Papillon
Sword Samurai X Buso Renkin of Japanese Blade XXIII (23) Shusui Hayasaka
Angel Gozen Buso Renkin of Archery XXII (22), LXX (70) Ouka Hayasaka
Peaky Gulliver Buso Renkin of the Right Hand Gauntlet LII (52) Kinjo
Noisy Hamelin Buso Renkin of the Steel Whip LXI (61) Jinnai
Satellite 30 Buso Renkin of the Moon Fang XXX (30) Moonface
Alice in Wonderland Buso Renkin of the Chaff LXX (70) Dr. Butterfly
Fatal Attraction Buso Renkin of the Great Axe Black Kakugane I (1) Victor Powered
Motor Gears Buso Renkin of Chakrams LV (55) Gota Nakamura
Blaze of Glory Buso Renkin of the Napalm XX (20) Sekima Hiwatari
Gekisen Buso Renkin of the Cross Spear XII (12) Genji Ikusabe
Secret Trail Buso Renkin of the Ninja Sword XIV (14) Shinobu Negoro
Bubble Cage Buso Renkin of Floating Mine XXXII (32) Madoka Maruyama
Killer Rabies Buso Renkin of Military Dog XCII (92) Rintaro Inukai
Hermes Drive Buso Renkin of Radar XCV (95) Chitose Tateyama
Aerial Operator Buso Renkin of the Gas Mask XXXIX (39) Hanaka Busujima
Buster Baron Buso Renkin of the Full Plate Armor XVII (17) Shosei Sakaguchi
Deep Breathing (Part 1) Buso Renkin of the Submarine LXXVII (77) The Captain
Deep Breathing (Part 2) Buso Renkin of the Submarine LXXVIII (78) Unnamed Crew Member
Deep Breathing (Part 3) Buso Renkin of the Submarine LXXIX (79) Unnamed Crew Member
Genocide Circus Buso Renkin of the Missile Launcher LXVI Unnamed Alchemist Warrior
Alchemy-Powered Laboratory Buso Renkin of the Laboratory XI Unnamed Alchemist Warrior
Rurio Head Buso Renkin of the Helmet L (50) Alexandria Powered
Underground Searchlight Buso Renkin of the Secret Path LI (51) Victoria Powered
Lightning Pale Rider Buso Renkin of the Spear LXXIV (74) Soya Muto
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