BRW PolicyEdit

Standard rules apply. There will be no:

  • Outright defacement, which includes profanity, or anything an administrator or user deems inappropriate.
  • Racism, hate speech or intentionally objectionable content. Even when composing a UserPage or leaving messages on another's UserTalk, keep it clean.
  • Outright deletion of the contents of an entire article simply to cause trouble. If you are thinking about revamping an article, please leave a comment on the article's discussion page as to why.
  • Advertising. There is enough as it is on Wikia, so please refrain from promoting any commercial website beyond your UserPage.
  • Insertion of unofficial or unsupported information. If you are offering a speculation, please state it as such.
  • Abusing the password-changing feature, to gain access to another user's account.
  • Spam.
  • Plagiarism, which includes all sources outside BRW. If the information is not credited to it's original author, it is plagiarism.


With these rules laid out, Buso Renkin Wiki will hopefully become the number one database for the series on the net. If you are here to help with good intent, then this policy should not have to exist. If you find any problem that may arise relating to one of the above situations and are unable to resolve it on your own, please message a sysop/bureaucrat promptly.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy editing!

The editors of BRW

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