VS. Washio: Section 1
Chapter 10
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 10
Japanese Title: VS.鷲尾(前編)
Romanized Title: VS. Washio (Zenpen)
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 1, 2003
Shonen Jump: Issue 2003-40
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 9 Chapter 11
VS. Washio: Section 1 (VS.鷲尾(前編), VS. Washio (Zenpen)) is the 10th chapter of the Buso Renkin manga series.



Washio breaks into Koushaku's room as he is being interrogated by Kazuki and Tokiko. Following this Koushaku asks Kazuki if he was telling him to die, Kazuki says that he doesn't tell people to die so callously and tells Koushaku that he needs to make it up to the people that died and live the remainder of his life to the fullest. As Washio tells his master to leave the warriors to him, the other students living at the dorm notice the giant hole on the roof where Washio entered. Mahiro and Kazuki's friends wonder what could have caused it and worry about Kazuki who is nowhere to be seen. Kazuki asks Tokiko if she can catch Koushaku while he holds off Washio stating that his lance is faster when charging at the enemy. Washio asks Kazuki if he is going to challenge him in a contest of speed. and grabs both Kazuki and Tokiko in his Homunculus form before Kazuki can activate his Buso Renkin. Koushaku states that while all the Homunculus cores up until now were prototypes for his final experiment, Washio the Hawk Homunculus is extraordinary. Washio flies away carrying Kazuki and Tokiko at such a speed that Mahiro and Kazuki's friends only a flash of light shooting from the dorm room which gives Mahiro a bad feeling. Koushaku thinks back to Kazuki's words and calls him a self-righteous hypocrite. He then laments on the fact that he has lost his home again and wonders what to do as he only has two more days left until his experiment is complete.

While flying through the air Kazuki and Tokiko struggle to breathe due to the speed that Washio is flying at but they soon manage to activate both of their Buso Renkin and break free from Washio's grasp. Tokiko loses her posture due to the Homunculus core inside her causing her to fall quicker but Kazuki manages to grab her hand and uses the energy cloth on his lance to dissipate the gravitational force of the fall allowing them to land safely. Washio reappears and compliments Kazuki's abilities. Kazuki and Tokiko notice that Washio has transformed only a portion of his body to that of his Homunculus form which enables him to move faster. Tokiko states that he is extraordinary and that she has never seen a Homunculus like him before. Washio tells the warriors that his heart is trembling with joy as he will be able to fight them at full capacity.


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