VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1
Chapter 11
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 11
Japanese Title: VS.鷲尾(中編(1))
Romanized Title: VS. Washio (Chūhen (1 ) )
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 8, 2003
Shonen Jump: Issue 2003-41
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 10 Chapter 12
VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1 (VS.鷲尾(中編(1)), VS. Washio (Chūhen (1 ) )) is the 11th chapter of the Buso Renkin manga series.



As Kazuki and Tokiko begin their fight with Washio, Tokiko attacks him with her Valkyrie Skirt but he uses his wing to knock it away explaining that it will be impossible for her to cut through if the blade doesn't strike. Kazuki follows up with a Jousting Slasher which fails to injure Washio thanks to his wings. Tokiko and Kazuki then decide to attack him together but he blocks both of their attacks stating that he can anticipate their speed. The Alchemist Warriors decide to retreat to form a plan so Kazuki uses his Jousting Flash technique to blind Washio for a moment so they can escape. With the warriors gone, Washio compliments their quick thinking but declares that he will win for his master.

Hidden in the woods, Tokiko transforms her Valkyrie Skirt into its Standby Mode which impresses Kazuki. Tokiko then questions why Kazuki shouts out the name of his attacks stating that it gives him a disadvantage, telling the enemy what he is going to do next. Kazuki mentions that the attack feels more effective if he yells out its name. Tokiko then thinks back to her own battle cry "I'll splatter your guts!" and agrees with him. Tokiko tells Kazuki that Washio's defensive skill isn't one that comes naturally as he would have trained to attain that skill. Washio manages to find Kazuki who appears to be on his own and the tow clash. Meanwhile Tokiko is hiding behind a tree ready for surprise attack as he cannot defend himself against multiple attacks. Kazuki prepares to use a combination of the Jousting Slasher and Flasher skills in order to hide Tokiko until the last second.


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