VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2
Chapter 12
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 12
Japanese Title: VS.鷲尾(中編(2))
Romanized Title: VS. Washio (Chūhen (2))
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 15, 2003
Shonen Jump: Issue 2003-42
Chapter Chronology
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VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2 (VS.鷲尾(中編(2)), VS. Washio (Chūhen (2))) is the 12th chapter of the Buso Renkin manga series.



Outside the dorm Mahiro and Kazuki's friends wonder where Kazuki has gone. Mahiro gets a bad feeling that she won't see Kazuki and Tokiko ever again. Meanwhile, Washio charges at Kazuki who prepares for a sneak counter-attack with Tokiko using himself as a decoy. Activating the Valkyrie Skirt, Tokiko follows behind Kazuki who hides her using his Jousting Flasher. Unfortuentely for them Washio sees through the strategy by reading the flow of the wind. Realizing that the combo will fail Kazuki halts but Tokiko tells him not to stop and jumps over him to strike Washio. Washio slashes Tokiko with his claws not before he is stabbed by two of the Valkyrie Skirt's blades. Upon Tokiko's order Kazuki charges at Washio using his full power and manages to land a significant blow destroying one of Washio's arms and wings. Kazuki heads straight for Tokiko and asks her why she attacked, she tells him that because Washio saw through their plan, she decided to change it. She also tells Kazuki that it will most likely be the last time she can really fight as she reveals that the Homunculus core has reached her spinal cord and thus making her lose control of her body.

A heavily injured Washio manages to get back up declaring that Tokiko's vengefulness will threaten his master even after she becomes a Homunculus and that he must finish her off. Kazuki takes up his lance, telling her to leave Washio to him. Washio tells him that it is useless to act tough as the decoy is usually the weaker fighter and states that he will kill Tokiko first. Kazuki refuses to move resulting with Washio impaling Kazuki's chest with his claw. Kazuki refuses to back off once more and strikes back with his lance.