Fade to Black
Volume number
April 2, 2004
(ISBN : 4-08-873587-0)
October 3, 2006
(ISBN : 1-4215-0616-5)
Chapter list
8: Lock On

9: The Other New Life
10: VS. Washio: Section 1
11: VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1
12: VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2
13: VS. Washio: Part 3
14: Midnight Run 2
15: Dark, Hot and Sweet
16: Butterfly of Black Death

17: Fade to Black
Kazuki Muto
Tokiko Tsumura
Koushaku Chouno (Papillon)
New Life
If You Doubt That You Are A Hypocrite

Fade to Black (黒にフェード, Kuro ni fēdo) is the second volume of the Buso Renkin manga series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

With less than a week to go before the Homunculus lodged in Tokiko's waist reaches her brain, Kazuki and Tokiko search for the creator of the dreaded Homunculi. But little do they know that the evil genius behind the human flesh-eating monsters is an eccentric, terminally ill student at Kazuki's school!

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Chapter 8Edit

Lock On (ロックオンする, Rokku on suru)

Kazuki and Tokiko narrow down their search for the Papillon Masked Creator to the school dorm where Kazuki comes across a suspicious third-year student.

The following day after his battle with Kawazui, Kazuki wakes up in a Hotel room and is subsequently shocked when he Tokiko talks to him as she is wearing a casual outfit as opposed to her normal uniform. Tokiko tells him that she bought him there as it was closer than the school dorm and that she lives there during her stay in the city. She asks Kazuki if he fought that she just lived in a cloud eating mist but Kazuki implies that he thought that she was homeless which she finds rude. When Kazuki asks her what school she goes to and what year she is in, she tells him that she doesn't go to school, stating that her uniform is from a previous undercover mission and tells him that if she was in school she would be a third year in high school. She asks Kazuki if it makes him happy that she is older which puzzles him. When Kazuki asks her why she dropped out of school to become a warrior, Tokiko replies in a serious tone saying that it is because she hates all Homunculi and that they need to search for the Papillon Masked Creator. Kazuki decides that he doesn't need to know any more about her as she protects everyone from the Homunculi.

Kazuki and Tokiko decide to search for the creator at the dorm. With a written description of the creator they ask around but none of the other students seem to know who he is. Failing this, Kazuki decides to draw a sketch of the creator, the end result being a well drawn but unfitting sketch of the creator which makes him look more handsome and macho. He shows the picture to his friends but they do not recognize the creator either. As Okakura freaks out over something, Kazuki asks Rokumasu what it wrong with him. Rokumasu tells him about the incident the previous night where Tokiko caught Okakura going into Kazuki's room to give him a nude girls magazine. Kazuki then remembers when Tokiko asked him if he is happy by the fact that she is older than him, realizing that the two incidents were related he freaks out alongside Okakura.

Mahiro decides to join Kazuki with his search when Mahiro finds a third-year student to ask. When they go to ask him, he asks them to hold on as he starts taking an excessive amount of medication, Mahiro asks him if it is okay for him to take so many pills, but he says that he needs them or his body will give out on him. They ask him if he knows who the creator might be and state that nobody else knew who he was. The third-year student says that the person they are looking for is probably invisible, meaning that people can see him but they don't notice him and that there is always a classmate like that. Kazuki passes him the sketch he drew which shocks him. When Kazuki states that he thinks the mask is fashionable, Mahiro disagrees but the student shouts that Kazuki is right stating that the mask is amazing. He goes on to talk about how butterflies are wonderful, describing their life cycle from an"ugly worm that no one cares about" to a butterfly. He compares the mask to this stating that it is a symbol of transformation. Listening to this and noticing his physical similarities Kazuki realizes that the student is in fact the creator and tells Mahiro to go get some lunch. As the creator coughs up blood, Tokiko calls Kazuki on his cellphone telling him that the creator is a third-year student known as Koushaku Chouno. The student confirms this himself describing himself as a frail worm that has found the powers of alchemy. Upon hearing this Kazuki realizes that he must catch him.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

  • Episode 4: Another New Life

Chapter 9Edit

The Other New Life (その他新しい命, Sonota atarashii inochi)

Kazuki confronts Koushaku Chouno a.k.a. the Papillon Masked Creator who attempts to bargain with Kazuki.

As Kazuki confronts Koushaku Chouno who puts on his Papillon Mask, Tokiko tells Kazuki that she will be with him in three minutes. Kazuki decides that he must capture him but before he can activate his Buso Renkin, Koushaku tells him to stop and shows him an antidote for removing the Homunculus core. Koushaku explains that he created one just in case an accident occurred in his experiments and says that he will no longer need it when he finishes his final experiment. Koushaku offers to trade it for Kazuki's Kakugane, he tries to pressure Kazuki into accepting his offer but Kazuki declines stating that he will die without the Kakugane and subsequently will not be able to deliver the antidote to Tokiko. When Koushaku asks him what he means by this, Kazuki tells him about the incident in which he was skewered through the heart and subsequently revived by Tokiko who inserted the Kakugane into his chest. Upon hearing this Koushaku goes mad, being amazed by the power of the Kakugane but also angry at how easy Kazuki got a new life. He coughs up blood and lunges at Kazuki in an attempt to take the Kakugane but Kazuki tells him that he doesn't deserve it and punches him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Tokiko arrives and takes the antidote to Kazuki's delight, however she throws it away stating that it is a fake as the real antidote needs to be injected directly into the Homunculus core. Kazuki says that he is surprised by how the creator and boss of the Homunculi is so weak, Tokiko tells him that aside from the fact that he can manufacture Homunculi, he is a regular human before reading out his personal data to Kazuki.

Back inside Koushaku's room at the dorm, Tokiko asks Koushaku where he learned Alchemy and found out how to create Homunculi. Koushaku tells her that he learned from his great-great grandfather's research notes from half a century ago in the storage at his house which took him three years to complete. Tokiko deduces that the first twenty Homunculus cores were mere prototypes for his twenty-first creation which he plans to use on himself to become a Homunculus in order to abandon his sick human body. Kazuki is surprised as he knows that the human side of a person is destroyed when the Homunculus core takes over but Tokiko tells him that there is another type of Homunculus that doesn't apply to. Koushaku confirms her statement saying that the goal of his experiments is to create a Humanoid Homunculus. He states that he is creating a Homunculus core using his own cells as a base and as such if he merges with himself, his human mind will remain intact and proudly says that he will become a super human. Kazuki questions this, saying that as a Homunculus he will eat humans and asks him if he wants to live that badly. Koushaku says that the most important thing to a person is their life and says that Kazuki should have stayed dead if he didn't care about living. Tokiko tells him to go to hell and says that she won't let him become a super human as she aims her Kakugane at the Homunculus core incubator in his room. As Koushaku panics the room begins to shake just before Washio, in his Homunculus form burst through the roof into his master's room. Washio asks Koushaku if he is okay and scolds the warriors for harming his master. Koushaku brags about how the tables have turned saying that Tokiko will turn into a monster and die while he will turn into a super human and live. Kazuki tells him that he will make sure neither will happen.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

  • Episode 4: Another New Life

Chapter 10Edit

VS. Washio: Section 1 (VS.鷲尾:部分1, VS. Washio: bubun 1)

While interrogating Koushaku Chouno, Kazuki and Tokiko are confronted by Koushaku's remaining creation, the Hawk Homunculus Washio.

Washio breaks into Koushaku's room as he is being interrogated by Kazuki and Tokiko. Following this Koushaku asks Kazuki if he was telling him to die, Kazuki says that he doesn't tell people to die so callously and tells Koushaku that he needs to make it up to the people that died and live the remainder of his life to the fullest. As Washio tells his master to leave the warriors to him, the other students living at the dorm notice the giant hole on the roof where Washio entered. Mahiro and Kazuki's friends wonder what could have caused it and worry about Kazuki who is nowhere to be seen. Kazuki asks Tokiko if she can catch Koushaku while he holds off Washio stating that his lance is faster when charging at the enemy. Washio asks Kazuki if he is going to challenge him in a contest of speed. and grabs both Kazuki and Tokiko in his Homunculus form before Kazuki can activate his Buso Renkin. Koushaku states that while all the Homunculus cores up until now were prototypes for his final experiment, Washio the Hawk Homunculus is extraordinary. Washio flies away carrying Kazuki and Tokiko at such a speed that Mahiro and Kazuki's friends only a flash of light shooting from the dorm room which gives Mahiro a bad feeling. Koushaku thinks back to Kazuki's words and calls him a self-righteous hypocrite. He then laments on the fact that he has lost his home again and wonders what to do as he only has two more days left until his experiment is complete.

While flying through the air Kazuki and Tokiko struggle to breathe due to the speed that Washio is flying at but they soon manage to activate both of their Buso Renkin and break free from Washio's grasp. Tokiko loses her posture due to the Homunculus core inside her causing her to fall quicker but Kazuki manages to grab her hand and uses the energy cloth on his lance to dissipate the gravitational force of the fall allowing them to land safely. Washio reappears and compliments Kazuki's abilities. Kazuki and Tokiko notice that Washio has transformed only a portion of his body to that of his Homunculus form which enables him to move faster. Tokiko states that he is extraordinary and that she has never seen a Homunculus like him before. Washio tells the warriors that his heart is trembling with joy as he will be able to fight them at full capacity.

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Koushaku Chouno
  2. Kazuki Muto
  3. Tokiko Tsumura
  4. Washio
  5. Homunculus Core (Chapter Cover)
  6. Saruwatari (Chapter Cover)
  7. Hanabusa (Chapter Cover)
  8. Mita (Chapter Cover)
  9. Kawazui (Chapter Cover)
  10. Mahiro Muto
  11. Hideyuki Okakura
  12. Masashi Daihama
  13. Koji Rokumasu

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

  • Episode 4: Another New Life

Chapter 11Edit

VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1 (VS.鷲尾:パート2:部分1, VS. Washio: pāto 2: bubun 1)

Kazuki and Tokiko begin their fight with Washio and formulate a plan to counter his seemingly impenetrable wing defense.

As Kazuki and Tokiko begin their fight with Washio, Tokiko attacks him with her Valkyrie Skirt but he uses his wing to knock it away explaining that it will be impossible for her to cut through if the blade doesn't strike. Kazuki follows up with a Jousting Slasher which fails to injure Washio thanks to his wings. Tokiko and Kazuki then decide to attack him together but he blocks both of their attacks stating that he can anticipate their speed. The Alchemist Warriors decide to retreat to form a plan so Kazuki uses his Jousting Flash technique to blind Washio for a moment so they can escape. With the warriors gone, Washio compliments their quick thinking but declares that he will win for his master.

Hidden in the woods, Tokiko transforms her Valkyrie Skirt into its Standby Mode which impresses Kazuki. Tokiko then questions why Kazuki shouts out the name of his attacks stating that it gives him a disadvantage, telling the enemy what he is going to do next. Kazuki mentions that the attack feels more effective if he yells out its name. Tokiko then thinks back to her own battle cry "I'll splatter your guts!" and agrees with him. Tokiko tells Kazuki that Washio's defensive skill isn't one that comes naturally as he would have trained to attain that skill. Washio manages to find Kazuki who appears to be on his own and the tow clash. Meanwhile Tokiko is hiding behind a tree ready for surprise attack as he cannot defend himself against multiple attacks. Kazuki prepares to use a combination of the Jousting Slasher and Flasher skills in order to hide Tokiko until the last second.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:

  • Episode 5: To Protect Someone

Chapter 12Edit

VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2 (VS.鷲尾:パート2:部分2, VS. Washio: pāto 2: bubun 2)

Outside the dorm Mahiro and Kazuki's friends wonder where Kazuki has gone. Mahiro gets a bad feeling that she won't see Kazuki and Tokiko ever again. Meanwhile, Washio charges at Kazuki who prepares for a sneak counter-attack with Tokiko using himself as a decoy. Activating the Valkyrie Skirt, Tokiko follows behind Kazuki who hides her using his Jousting Flasher. Unfortuentely for them Washio sees through the strategy by reading the flow of the wind. Realizing that the combo will fail Kazuki halts but Tokiko tells him not to stop and jumps over him to strike Washio. Washio slashes Tokiko with his claws not before he is stabbed by two of the Valkyrie Skirt's blades. Upon Tokiko's order Kazuki charges at Washio using his full power and manages to land a significant blow destroying one of Washio's arms and wings. Kazuki heads straight for Tokiko and asks her why she attacked, she tells him that because Washio saw through their plan, she decided to change it. She also tells Kazuki that it will most likely be the last time she can really fight as she reveals that the Homunculus core has reached her spinal cord and thus making her lose control of her body.

A heavily injured Washio manages to get back up declaring that Tokiko's vengefulness will threaten his master even after she becomes a Homunculus and that he must finish her off. Kazuki takes up his lance, telling her to leave Washio to him. Washio tells him that it is useless to act tough as the decoy is usually the weaker fighter and states that he will kill Tokiko first. Kazuki refuses to move resulting with Washio impaling Kazuki's chest with his claw. Kazuki refuses to back off once more and strikes back with his lance.

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Chapter 13Edit

VS. Washio: Part 3 (VS.鷲尾:部分3, VS. Washio: pāto 3)

As Kazuki and Washio continue their showdown, Washio manages to deflect all of Kazuki's attacks reminding him once more that he can read the wind. Washio laments on Kazuki's inexperience but notes that he feels a strong breath of life. Tokiko attempts to intervene but Kazuki tells her not to and clashes with Washio once more. Washio asks Kazuki why Tokiko is so important to him and assumes that they are a couple. Tokiko tells Kazuki to ignore him but Kazuki says that he would feel rude if he didn't answer his question. Kazuki tells Washio that he owes his life to Tokiko and explains that she bought his back to life using alchemic powers and now her life is on the line so therefore he cannot lose.

A surprised Washio tells him that they are the same as he too owes his life to his master. He tells Kazuki that he was once a wild hawk and that he was the mightiest until he was shot and killed either accidentley or he was hunted. While looking for butterflies Koushaku Chouno found the dead hawk lying on the ground and proceeded to resurrect him as a Homunculus. Washio angrily yells that his master's life is on the line and that he won't allow Kazuki to stand in his way. Kazuki agrees that they are the same, however he states that Tokiko brought him back to life with good intentions while Koushaku only views the Homunculi he creates as guinea pigs and is only concerned about survival. Washio knocks Kazuki back into a tree stating that he doesn't care as it is instinctual for an animal to fear death declaring that his master's actions are not a mistake. He decides to give Kazuki a chance telling him that if he swears to stay away from Koushaku he will let him go and let him live and says that there is nothing shameful or evil about fearing death or fleeing from it. Kazuki grasps the cloth of his lance and says that someone will definitely die if he runs away and refuses to back down once more. Kazuki agrees with Washio as he is afraid of dying as he knows what death is like and thinks that Koushaku knows it too being on the verge of death. While charging his lance he says that they are both human and that there are things they need to do, even if it means death. Despite Tokiko's concern and being in pain Kazuki charges his lance to full capacity and bursts through Washio destroying his body.

As he passes on Washio asks Kazuki for a favor but before he can finish Kazuki tells him that he will stop Koushaku but he won't kill him. Washio says that he is glad to hear that and he can now die in peace. He finally fades away while saying that he didn't know there was such a peaceful death. Kazuki subsequently prays for him. Tokiko notices that Washio was very much different to other Homunculi and thinks that it was a good experience for Kazuki while showing surprise at how far Kazuki has come to using his Buso Renkin in just one week. Kazuki comes over to Tokiko telling her that they should climb down the mountain before it gets dark. Tokiko tells him that they cannot in his condition and that she wants him to listen carefully to what she has to say.

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Chapter 14Edit

Midnight Run 2 (ミッドナイト·ラン2, Middonaito Ran 2)

In the evening after the battle with Washio, Tokiko tells Kazuki that they are quite far away from home so they will have to take it easy and let the Kakugane heal their bodies. She concludes that if even if were able to climb down the mountain early morning the next day and catch the fastest public transportation method they will arrive in Ginsei later afternoon and thus be too late. She says that now that all of Koushaku's Homunculi are destroyed he is just a normal high school kid and the last place he can go is back to his family home. When Kazuki enthusiastically states he will find him before midnight the next day, Tokiko tells him that she will remain there and leave the rest to him prompting Kazuki to shake her telling her they still have time to save her. However she shows him the Homunculus core again and says that because of it her legs are paralyzed, she then morbidly states that when he has gone, she will finish herself off, in response Kazuki shakes her once more telling her that she must not give up. Kazuki then remembers her talking about a "Main Squad" and wonders if they can do anything to help, however Tokiko says that nothing can be done as all the other Alchemist Warriors in Japan are on active duty and even if they requested emergency assistance, they would not arrive before she transforms into a Homunculus. She states that once she is dead, another Alchemist Warrior will come before Kazuki and tells him to report what he knows to the Alchemist Warrior and forget about everything that has happened in the past week.

Kazuki agrees to go home, but says he will go right now and carries Tokiko while rushing down the mountain saying that if they leave now, they will reach Ginsei by the afternoon and have time to spare despite her protests. Kazuki tells her that he doesn't want anyone else to die including her, she then notices that his shoulders have gotten broader and smiles.

Back at the dorm Okakura and Daihama are watching the news reporting the incident at the dorm earlier that day. They then wonder where Kazuki is as he has never dissapeared for a whole day before. Rokumasus comes in and says that he is lucky as he imitated his voice and covered for him when the ones in charge were taking a head count at the dorm. He then showed off his impression of Kazuki which freaked out Okakura and Daihama. Mahiro looks out the window and notices Kazuki carrying Tokiko. Kazuki's friends are startled by condition they were in. Mahiro asked them if they were blown away by the gust of wind the day before. Kazuki agrees with that and claims that Tokiko slipped a disc in her back which stopped her from moving she he gave her a piggyback ride back home. Kazuki tells Mahiro that there is something he must do that night and asks her if she can look after Tokiko while he is gone. Mahiro tells him to leave it to her and claims that she is a master nurse. Okakura then asks Kazuki if he is hiding something from them and if he is in some kind of trouble. Kazuki answers his question telling him that he is in a tight spot but it will all be solved by the end of the night while fist pumping Okakura. Before he heads off again Tokiko lends him her cell phone to report back to her, as his was broken in the fight before and her Kakugane so it will help him heal quicker.

Kazuki manages to reach Koushaku's family home in the form of a large mansion, elsewhere Koushaku stares at the developing humanoid Homunculus core and states that he only has to wait five more hours until he is granted a new life.

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Chapter 15Edit

Dark, Hot and Sweet (暗い、ホットとスウィート, Kurai, hotto to suwīto)

Chapter 16Edit

Butterfly of Black Death (黒死蝶, Kuroshi chou)

Chapter 17Edit

Fade to Black (黒にフェード, Kuro ni fēdo)

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