Ginsei City
Name Ginsei City
Type Town/City
Located In Saitama Prefecture
Kantō region
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)

Ginsei City (銀星市 Ginboshi Shi) is a fictional city located in the Saitama Prefecture in the Kantō region of Japan. Most of the series' events take place here.


Ginsei City is the home town of Kazuki Muto and his friends. It seems to be a small city with an average population that resembles the real world. Tokiko Tsumura was sent here by the Alchemist Army to investigate and destroy any Homunculi.

Locations within Ginsei CityEdit

  • Ginsei Private Academy: The city's main school where Kazuki and his friends, amongst others attend.
  • Ginsei Private Academy Dormitory: A dormitory nearby the school where many students live during the academic year.
  • Haunted Factory: An old, abandoned factory building located behind Ginsei Private Academy.
  • Hotel Ginseikan: A large hotel in Ginsei City.
  • Chouno Family Estate: A large traditional Japanese household and Koushaku Chouno's old home where he lived with his father and brother before he took ill .
  • Lotteriya Burger: A fast-food restaurant where many of the characters dine in.
  • St. Germaine Hospital: The main hospital in Ginsei City which has connections with the Alchemist Army.
  • L.X.E. Headquarters: Dr. Butterfly's mansion is hidden somewhat in a forest on the outskirts of Ginsei City.
  • Secret Base: Dr. Butterfly's secret backup base which Papillon takes over.


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