Ginsei Private Academy
Name Ginsei Private Academy
Type Education Facilities
Located In Ginsei City
Primary Function Educating Human Teenagers
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)

Ginsei Private Academy (銀星民間学院 Ginboshi Minkan Gakuin) or Ginsei High is the school that Ginsei City residents Kazuki Muto, Tokiko Tsumura, Mahiro Muto, Hideyuki Okakura, Masashi Daihama and Koji Rokumasu, amongst others, attend. It serves as the setting of several events in the series and much of the interaction between Kazuki and his friends.


Ginsei Academy is a large school surrounded by multiple cherry blossom trees and has a large clock high on the front of the school. A large water tower is also situated on the rooftop, Tokiko often sits on top of it in her spare time. The school contains normal teenagers, however unlike most schools, many Alchemist Warriors attend it, often undercover working for the Alchemist Army and even Familiars working for the L.X.E.. There are many facilities within the school including regular classrooms, computer rooms, locker rooms and a large gymnasium where various sports are played including kendo. Like a lot of boarding schools there is a dormitory nearby the main school where many of the students stay during the academic year.


There are separate uniforms for male and female students. Male students wear a black unbuttoned jacket with an upward collar, white shirt and black trousers. Female students on the other hand wear a pale yellow dress with puffy shoulder sleeves, a collar with a blue tie and a white petticoat. Tokiko however does not wear the female uniform, instead opting to wear her uniform for Newton Apple Academy for Girls.

Also each student wears a white and colored striped armband on their right arm which indicates the year group that student belongs in;

  • First Year - Blue
  • Second Year - Red
  • Third Year - Green


First YearEdit

Second YearEdit

Third YearEdit


  • Mr. Takagishi
  • Kendo Instructor
  • Mita (Deceased)


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