Gota Nakamura
Type Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday December 7th (Sagittarius)
Gender Male
Affiliation Alchemist Army
Ginsei Private Academy
Occupation Alchemist Warrior
High School Student
Team Victor III Re-Extermination Squad (formerly)

Team Bravo

Kakugane LV: Motor Gears
Debut Episode 15 (anime)
Voice Actor Shinji Kawada (Japanese)
Status Active

Gota Nakamura (中村剛太, Nakamura Gōta) is a Rookie Alchemits Warrior of the Alchemist Army. He serves as a Kazuki Muto's love rival over Tokiko Tsumura's affections.


He is jealous of the relationship Tokiko Tsumura shares with Kazuki (a relationship he wishes for himself with Tokiko), and as a result finds himself disliking Kazuki. Yet despite all this, he cooperates with Kazuki and Tokiko as they try to uncover the conspiracy behind the Black Kakugane. Gota is a strategic planner and fights with variations of his Buso Renkin. As shown in his fight against Negoro, he was able to figure out Secret Trail's secret and use it against Negoro. In "Buso Renkin After," he returns to the regiment with most of the alchemist warriors.

Later on he joins team Bravo, to help Tokiko Tsumura, and Kazuki Muto.


His Buso Renkin is, "The Buso Renkin of Chakrams", Kakugane LV, Motor Gear, which takes the form of a pair of gear-shaped chakrams. This has a variety of applications ranging from close-to-long range weaponry to increased mobility for Gota himself. Motor Gear is regarded as one of the w
Gota 3 wiki jpg.

Gota and His Buso Renkin Motor Gear

eakest Arms Alchemy currently in use; however, it more than makes up for this with its speed and size which makes it extremely hard to see, along with the wide variety of uses the Motor Gear can utilize in combat. Gota can use the Motor Gears in three different modes: Knuckle Duster, where Gota places them on his fists to increase damage; Marine Diver, where Gota places them on his heels to help him swim faster.; and Sky Walker, where Gouta puts them at the side of his heels to help him travel faster.


  • He loves Tsumura Tokiko and declare Kazuki Muto his rival in love.
  • He looks like Gray Fullbuster from anime and manga FAIRY TAIL.
  • His first appearence makes think that he is a enemy.
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