Hermes Drive
Hermes Drive
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XCV (95)
Creator Chitose Tateyama
Form Radar
Main Color(s) Chrome and Dark Blue

Buso Renkin of Radar Hermes Drive the Buso Renkin of Chitose Tateyama.


Chitose possesses Kakugane XCV which takes the form of a Chrome and Dark Blue handheld hexagonal shaped radar. The radar has six lights that surround the multicolored screen. On the back of the radar are straps that can be attached to the users hand to give them a better hold.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Reconnaissance: Since the Hermes Drive is a radar it's capable of investigating and providing information to the user about a target and their location. However, this is limited to people the user knows.
Hermes Drive

Hermes Drive Teleporting

  • Teleportation: Hermes Drive is capable of teleporting the user and others depending of their weight. The maximum weight that can be teleported is 100 kilograms (220 lbs.), or roughly two small adults. The range and frequency of the teleportation dependents on the user's willpower and their stamina.
  • Shield: The Buso Renkin itself is very sturdy and can be used as a shield or a small impact weapon.


  • Originally this Buso Renkin was going to be a small dagger, called Chrome Cradle to Grave, which would've allowed her to change her age.