Use Creation of Buso Renkin
Created By Unknown alchemists
Used By Alchemist Warriors
Humanoid Homunculi
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)

The Kakugane (核鉄) are alchemical devices used by all Alchemist Warriors to form a Buso Renkin and one of only two forms of alchemy alongside the Homunculi which had succeeded.


A Kakugane is a hand sized hexagonal medallion with a hexagon at the center on both sides. On the front it features the classic alchemical symbol for amalgam and below it a roman numeral which represents the Kakugane's serial number.

Kakugane were developed in the process of creating the Philosopher's stone, the ultimate goal of the Alchemist Warriors around the planet. They were also developed as a possible counter against the Homunculi.

In total, there are only 100 Kakugane, from I (1) to C (100). The first three of were turned into Black Kakugane and the second one was made into a White Kakugane afterwards. After the Victor Incident, Kakugane were scattered around the world; currently, there are 29 known Kakugane that are used in Japan, including 3 White Kakugane.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Buso Renkin Creation: The most famous use of a Kakugane is the creation of a Buso Renkin, powerful weapons or objects created based on the users fighting instinct. The Kakugane opens up and morphs to form a weapon based on the user's fighting style. It is the only weapon that can destroy a Homunculus. Some users can use more than one Kakugane to create a Double Buso Renkin, an almost identical copy of the first Buso Renkin. However using a Double Buso Renkin requires a lot of energy and can become unstable, also no more than 2 Kakugane have been used by one Alchemist Warrior in the series.

Durability: The Kakugane are highly durable as they have been shown to be able to block other Buso Renkin even while deactivated. However a Kakugane is not invincible and can be damaged or even destroyed with enough force.

Regenerative Healing Factor: The Kakugane can self regenerate from damage and will slowly heal whoever is holding one, the healing process can be quickened by holding more than on Kakugane. Its regenerative properties are that great that one can also function as a replacement heart allowing the user to function even when it has transformed into a Buso Renkin. It is notable that the only Kakugane used for this purpose in the series have been Black Kakugane.


Black Kakugane: These are powerful, but unstable variations of the Kakugane. When implanted into a persons body the person will undergo Victorization, a transformation named after Victor Powered. As well as this they can create a Buso Renkin, like all Kakugane, however a Buso Renkin created by the Black Kakugane are often much stronger.

White Kakugane: Developed by Alexandria Powered, a White Kakugane is the exact opposite of a Black Kakugane. It holds the ability to nullify a Black Kakugane's power, restoring a person with a Black Kakugane to normal.

Known KakuganeEdit

Serial Number Image Owner(s) Buso Renkin
Black Kakugane I (1) BlackkakuganeI Victor Powered Fatal Attraction
Black Kakugane II (2) BlackkakuganeII Alexandria Powered (Previously) N/A
Black Kakugane III (3) BlackkakuganeIII Alexandria Powered (Previously) N/A
Tokiko Tsumura (previously) N/A
Kazuki Muto Sunlight Heart
Sunlight Heart Plus
XI (11) N/A Unnamed Alchemist Warrior Alchemy Power Laboratory
XII (12) XII Genji Ikusabe Gekisen
XIV (14) N/A Shinobu Negoro Secret Trail
XVII (17) N/A Shosei Sakaguchi Buster Baron
XX (20) XX Sekima Hiwatari Blaze of Glory
XXII (22) XXII Ouka Hayasaka (previously) Angel Gozen
XXIII (23) XXIII Shusui Hayasaka Sword Samurai X
XXX (30) N/A Moonface Satellite 30
XXXII (32) N/A Madoka Maruyama Bubble Cage
XXXIX (39) N/A Hanaka Busujima Aerial Operator
XLIV (44) XLIV Tokiko Tsumura Valkyrie Skirt
Kazuki Muto (Temporary) Sunlight Heart: Another Type
L (50) N/A Alexandria Powered Rurio Head
LI (51) N/A Victoria Powered Underground Searchlight
LII (52) LII Unnamed Alchemist Warrior (previously) N/A
Kinjo (previously) Peaky Gulliver
Captain Bravo Silver Skin: Alternate Type
LV (55) LV Gota Nakamura Motor Gears
LXI (61) LXI Jinnai (previously) Noisy Hamelin
Papillon Near-Death Happiness
LXVI (66) N/A Unnamed Alchemist Warrior Extermination Circus
LXX (70) LXX Dr. Butterfly (previously) Alice in Wonderland
Ouka Hayasaka Angel Gozen: Alternate Type
Kazuki Muto (Black Kakugane III disguise) Sunlight Heart
LXXIV (74) N/A Soya Muto Lightning Pale Rider
LXXVII (77) Lxxvii Captain of the Deep Breathing Deep Breathing (Part 1)
LXXVIII (78) LXXVIII Unnamed Deep Breathing Crew Member Deep Breathing (Part 2)
LXXIX (79) LXXIX Unnamed Deep Breathing Crew Member Deep Breathing (Part 3)
XCII (92) N/A Rantarou Inukai Killer Rabies
XCV (95) N/A Chitose Tateyama Hermes Drive
C (100) N/A Captain Bravo Silver Skin
White Kakugane (No number) Whitekakugane Alexandria Powered (previously)
Kazuki Muto (previously)
Victor Powered
White Kakugane (Butterfly symbol) Whitekakuganepapillon Papillon (previously)
Kazuki Muto


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