Kazuki Muto
Muto Kazuki

Muto Kazuki Victorized

Other names Warrior Kazuki
Victor III
Hypocrite Boy
Type Human (Victorized, formerly)
Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday December 1th (Sagittarius)
Age 16, 17 (end of series)
Gender Male
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 147 lbs (67 kg)
Blood Type O
Affiliation Ginsei Private Academy
Alchemist Army
Occupation High School Student (2nd Year, Classroom B Representative)
Dorm Resident
Alchemist Warrior
Team Team Bravo
Family Mahiro Muto (Sister)
Unnamed parents
Tokiko Tsumura (First and True Love, Wife)
Soya Muto (Son)
Kakugane Black Kakugane III: Sunlight Heart
Sunlight Heart Plus
XLIV: Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type
Debut Volumes 1, Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)
Jump Super Stars (Video Game)
Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
Steve Staley (English)
Status Active
Kazuki Muto (武藤カズキ Mutō Kazuki) is an Alchemist Warrior with the Black Kakugane III (originally disguised as Kakugane LXX) implanted into his chest as a replacement heart and the older brother of Mahiro Muto. He is the main protagonist of the series.


Kazuki is a fairly slim teenager with brown eyes and spiky dark-brown hair with a white streak that goes from the top spike of his hair to the bang that goes in between his eyes. He mostly wears his school uniform which consists of a black unbuttoned jacket with an upward collar and a white and red armband, red shirt and black trousers and trainers.


Kazuki is known for being reckless, often acting before using his brain but usually always means well. He is somewhat goofy at time, often joining in with his friends antics and jokes with them and Tokiko. He has a good nature and will risk his life to save others as seen when he was skewered through his heart by Mita while trying to save Tokiko. He cares about Mahiro and his friends greatly as he fights the Homunculi to protect them, yet chooses not to tell them so they don't get involved.

He has a strong sense of will as he refuses to back down from any opponent no matter how strong they may be. This strong will is fueled even further when he is cheered on by others. On the other hand he gets depressed when he feels he has failed to protect somebody despite doing the best he can to do so and questions his beliefs. After meeting Bravo he decides to hold onto his beliefs until the very end even if it gets him killed.

He has been called a hypocrite on a number of occasions (almost every time by Papillon) with such instances being Kazuki's attempts to stop Koushaku Chouno from becoming a Homunculus and reluctance to destroy him and becoming (albeit against his will) a Victor and thus giving up his humanity.

He is often fascinated by strange or unusual things as he is the only other person to think that Papillon's mask looks cool as well as going along with Captain Bravo's often quirky behavior. He also seems to be fascinated by Tokiko's stomach at the beach as he had never seen it before as well as wanting to touch her scar at the end of the series.


A New Life ArcEdit


Kazuki impaled by Mita.

Kazuki first appears in the Haunted Factory where he sees a Homunculus stalking Tokiko Tsumura, he jumps in to save her but is impaled in the heart by the tail of the Homunculi.

Kazuki being revived by Tokiko.

Later on he is brought back to life by Tokiko who places a Kakugane into his chest which acts as a replacement heart. He wakes up in his bed screaming, which wakes up his friends that live in the dorm who think that he is dreaming.

The next day Okakura scolds him as Kazuki hit him the night before when he was on his "rampage". He apologizes and meets his other friends Daihama and Rokumasu and they talk about his "nightmare". Along with Mahiro, they race for the school gate before they are late. He is told off by Mita for being one second late and for not having his school-approved bag, Mita tells him that as punishment he has to pull the weeds out the school courtyard. Later on, he finishes his punishment but is confronted by Mita who throws him his school bag which was found at the Haunted Factory, subsequently revealing himself as the Homunculus who killed him before he transforms and chases Kazuki. Tokiko calls Kazuki and tells him about the Homunculi, however he bumps into Mahiro who is then devoured whole by Mita. Enraged, Kazuki hits Mita several times with a metal pole, but Mita pushes him back causing him to have a flashback of when Tokiko brought him back to life. He gets back up and activates his Buso Renkin, using it to burst through Mita, saving Mahiro. Tokiko arrives to finish Mita off and tells Kazuki that she was luring Mita out and didn't actually need saving.

Sunlight slasher

Kazuki destroying Saruwatari.

Later that night Tokiko explains alchemy, Buso Renkin and the Homunculi to Kazuki and sets off to fight more Homunculi. He stays behind to look after Mahiro, who wakes up thinking that what happened before was a dream. Kazuki takes Mahiro home and rushes inside the Haunted Factory. He activates his Buso Renkin and subsequently destroys Saruwatari. Afterwards Kazuki tells Tokiko that he is going to continue to help her fight the Homunculi, she accepts and tells him her name.

The next day he buried the remains of the people killed by the Homunculi and pays respect to them, before meeting with Tokiko who shows him a Homunculus incubator. He spots a Homunculus core fall on Tokiko who deflects it. He activates his Buso Renkin and sees Washio in the sky with the creator of the Homunculi standing on top, who then attack them. He and Tokiko counter-attack but Washio escapes.


"We're siblings!".

Mahiro and Kazuki's friends turn up assuming that Tokiko is his girlfriend. As an excuse he and Tokiko both comically say that Tokiko is his older sister. They later notice that the core is now clinging onto Mahiro's hair, it jumps at Tokiko prompting Kazuki to push her out of the way causing them both to roll down a hill knocking himself out. He later wakes up when Tokiko shows him that the core has implanted itself onto her body. They are ambushed by Kawazui's mini-frogs which he quickly destroys. He then resolves to master his Buso Renkin, and to save Tokiko from turning into a Homunculus.


Kazuki training with his lance.

Kazuki gives Tokiko his phys-ed clothes so they can start the search for the creator round the school. He also starts his own training regime so that he can efficiently wield his lance.
Kazuki vs kawazui

Kazuki facing off against Kawazui.

Four days in and he is confronted by Kawazui who taunts him, causing them to start a fight at the riverside. Kawazui fires a barrage of mini-frogs at Kazuki which then impale his chest knocking him down. Kazuki gets back up thanks to the Kakugane in his chest and destroys Kawazui's mini-frogs and main body but before he gets enough information out of Kawazui he falls unconscious. He wakes up to find that Tokiko saved him from Hanabusa and falls asleep again.

Kazuki's masterpiece.

He wakes up in Tokiko's hotel room and is shocked to see Tokiko wearing normal clothes. He asks Tokiko why she dropped out of school to become a warrior but Tokiko doesn't give him a straight answer. They figure out that the creator lives in the dorm and ask around but nobody knows who he is based on his description, Kazuki sketches up an impressive but unfitting portrait of him which proves even less effective. He and Mahiro come across a sickly third year student and eventually figure out that he is the creator. As the creator describes himself Tokiko confirms his identity as Koushaku Chouno. Chouno offers him to trade his Homunculus antidote for Kazuki's Kakugane. Kazuki refuses, stating that the Kakugane is his new life. Chouno, desperate for a new life lunges at him only to be knocked out by a single punch. Tokiko arrives and explains that his antidote was a fake.

Later at the dorm Chouno explains his background and that he wants to become a humanoid Homunculus in order to live. Washio arrives and Kazuki attempts to activate his Buso Renkin but Washio grabs the two warriors with his claws and flies off towards the mountains. They both escape Washio's grasp and land safely thanks to both his and Tokiko's Buso Renkin. They are confronted by Washio in his half-Homunculus form who manages to deflect their attacks. They retreat and hide for the time being to formulate a plan. They are found but Kazuki charges at him as a decoy while Tokiko follows behind him.

Kazuki strikes Washio.

The plan almost fails and Washio strikes Tokiko, however this allows Kazuki to hit Washio with a jousting slasher destroying the his right arm and wing. Kazuki then faces Washio who tells him his back-story and about how they both want to protect the person who saved their lives. After a heated debate Kazuki is offered the chance to run away but instead wraps the cloth of his Buso Renkin around the main lance to perform the Jousting Crasher. He charges at Washio destroying his defenses and shatters him to pieces. Before he dies Kazuki tells him that he will defeat Chouno but not kill him, he then prays for the dead Homunculus.

In the evening Kazuki carries a now partially paralyzed Tokiko down the mountain despite her protests. They manage to make it back to the dorm and are met by his friends and Mahiro. He tells them that he is in a tight situation and they support him before he leaves to find Chouno. Before he leaves however Tokiko gives him her cell phone as his is broken and her Kakugane so it will help him heal.

Kazuki goes to Chouno's home but is met by Chouno's father who coldly tells him that he doesn't care about his son as he has failed him and that his brother Jiro will inherit the family estate. Kazuki finds Chouno in the old storage house of his great-great grandfather. He tells him to hand over the antidote and the Homunculus core he created, and that he should atone for his sins before he dies. Jiro and two of his bodyguards show up and restrain the two. Jiro tries to destroy the incomplete core, however Chouno merges with it transforming into a Homunculus, now calling himself Papillon subsequently devouring Jiro and the guards. Kazuki is then slashed by Papillon and attempts to activate his Buso Renkin but fails due to exhaustion and falls, before Papillon leaves to eat.


Kazuki and Papillon charge at each other.

Kazuki manages to talk to Tokiko and his friends on the phone which gives him more strength to get back up just as Papillon returns. He activates both his and Tokiko's Kakugane to activate his Double Buso Renkin. Kazuki charges at Papillon with both lances, slamming Papillon which leaves him pinned to the wall. After a small exchange Kazuki apologizes to Chouno, calling him by his real name and finishes him off, after this he falls over unconscious. He wakes up the next day relieved to find that Tokiko has had the Homunculus removed from her. She then gives his Buso Renkin the name Sunlight Heart.

L.X.E. ArcEdit

As Tokiko watches the news he is seen interrupting the broadcast with his friends. The news reporter asks him if he knew the missing student Koushaku Chouno. Kazuki says that he couldn't forget him even if he tried before being hit and taken away by Tokiko. He meets Tokiko at the Haunted Factory where she apologizes for bringing him into the world of alchemy, however he tells her that it was his own fault. Tokiko tells him that he has been a big help but he becomes depressed as he felt that he couldn't save the people who went missing and asks if he is a hypocrite as he made a promise to Washio that he wouldn't kill Papillon, but did so anyway to save everyone. Captain Bravo appears telling him that there is no shame in holding on to his beliefs. He tells him to keep on fighting as the next battle is coming soon which will involve Tokiko attending Ginsei High to Kazuki's delight. Bravo then proclaims him an Alchemist Warrior.

Bravo proclaims Kazuki an Alchemist Warrior.

On their way to the dorm Kazuki asks Tokiko about the Warrior Chief but Tokiko says that even she doesn't know anything about him. They then see Captain Bravo without his coat introducing himself to the students as the new dorm manager, he doesn't tell them his name however as it is "cooler that way", a happy Kazuki then says that him and Bravo will get along great. After him and Tokiko chat about who he is, Bravo appears and tells them to see him in his office. In his office Bravo tells the warriors about an Alchemist Warrior who turned traitor by turning himself into a Homunculus, eventually teaming up with an Alchemist named Bakushaku Chouno a.k.a Dr. Butterfly. He tells them that their mission is to find the traitor, Dr. Butterfly and his followers, the L.X.E. and destroy them. Bravo asks Kazuki if he will join him and Tokiko on their mission. An undecided Kazuki is still wondering whether he should join their fight as he doesn't want to screw up again. Soon after Kazuki answers a phone call to find that he is speaking to Papillon who wants to see him the next day.


Kazuki faces off against Kinjo and his Buso Renkin.

The next day he and Tokiko meet with Papillon and move their conversation to Lotteriya Burger as Papillon doesn't plan to fight. He tells Papillon that his sense of fashion is messed up but still thinks that his mask looks cool. Papillon tells him that he has yet to obtain his true power and notices that Kazuki is not ready to fight yet and so calls this meeting a "declaration of war". Bravo enters the restaurant where they then take their meals to the top of Ginsei High, just before Papillon leaves, a more optimistic Kazuki tells him that he will settle their score. Kazuki accepts Bravo's offer to join the mission, asking him to train him. Kinjo confronts the warriors and activates his Buso Renkin Peaky Gulliver, this shocks Kazuki who is told by Bravo that the true power of a humanoid Homunculus is that they can use their own Buso Renkin. Kazuki activates his newly named Sunlight Heart and attacks Kinjo with the Sunlight Slasher, however Kinjo blocks his attack by increasing the size of his fist. Tokiko saves Kazuki from Kinjo's next attack and they both watch in awe as Bravo reveals his Buso Renkin Silver Skin and pummels Kinjo to the ground. Bravo tells Kazuki that he will need to train to fight and not just rely on his Buso Renkin. When Kazuki notices that Kinjo is still alive, Bravo explains that he didn't kill him as they can get information from him. However Kinjo is quickly killed by Jinnai who is hiding in the academy.


Kazuki "warming up" during his training.

At dinner Kazuki gets ready for his first night of training with Bravo. Okakura asks him what type of training they are doing but Kazuki and Bravo simultaneously say that it is a secret because it is cooler that way. Kazuki is later seen training with Bravo when they have a break. Bravo tells him that Tokiko was transferred to his school as the Homunculi prefer eating younger humans, and often attack schools and so Ginsei High would be a perfect target as it has a dormitory full of sleeping livestock. He then tells him that one time 7 years ago the Alchemist Warriors were too late and a whole school was devoured. Kazuki then activates his Buso Renkin and continues training.


Kazuki spars with Shusui.

In school Kazuki keeps falling asleep due to tiredness, even falling asleep at the student council meeting, he eventually wakes up where he is greeted by Ouka Hayasaka. Tokiko tells him he should rest for the night but he refuses saying that he must become as strong as he possibly can, however Bravo gives him the night off as it is raining. They prepare to run home due to the rain but Ouka offers them her umbrella saying that she will walk home with her brother after he finishes practice. His friends turn up with a deluded Okakura scolding Kazuki as he thinks that Kazuki was flirting with Ouka when he should be loyal to Tokiko, they then tell them they can use their umbrellas and so Kazuki decides to find Ouka's brother to give her umbrella back. They find Ouka and her brother where he is training in the kendo club. Kazuki challenges her brother after hearing him say that he wants to become as strong as possible, the very same words he said to Tokiko earlier. He accepts the challenge and despite Tokiko's protests he spars with him. Kazuki puts up a good challenge, shocking the other members of the club. However Kazuki is bested when Ouka's brother uses his special technique, the reverse do, despite Kazuki blocking the technique, it was powerful enough to break his bamboo sword. Afterwards he praises Kazuki as he was the first one to be able to block the technique. He asked why he volunteered to spar with him, Kazuki tells him that it was because they both want to become as strong as possible. They decide to keep their reasons a secret before Ouka's brother introduces himself as Shusui Hayasaka. Another day Kazuki spars with him again and is beaten once more but this time notices that both him and Shusui have gotten stronger. Afterwards he reveals that he is a bit frustrated as it has been a week and he still can't stop the reverse do, but is praised once again for being able to face Shusui so quickly.


Kazuki and his friends comparing sizes.

After practice Kazuki, his friends and Shusui decide to go to a bathhouse where Okakura starts shouting about Shusui being smart, good looking and talented and exclaims that everyone has a secret they cannot tell. In response to this Kazuki and his friends all compare the size of their genitals and get a sneak peek at Shusui's as well, however they are soon crushed as he is the "ultimate". They are later shocked as Papillon appears sat next to them in the bath. Kazuki and Papillon talk about how they have gotten stronger with Papillon gaining his own Kakugane. Papillon leaves not before telling Kazuki that the enemy is close at hand.


Kazuki clashes with Tai.

Kazuki and Tokiko report back to Captain Bravo about the information Papillon told Kazuki. Kazuki notices Tai and Shi badly disguised as students in the school yard and wonders if they are the enemies that Papillon warned him about. Just as they lunge at Tokiko and Ouka, Kazuki and Shusui arrive where Kazuki activates his Sunlight Heart using the Sunlight Flasher to stun the Homunculi and runs off to lure them away. Tokiko follows him yelling that he should be more careful where he activates his Buso Renkin. He blocks an attack from Shi using the end of his lance, Shi strikes with a barrage of attacks which Kazuki blocks but is grazed in the process. Kazuki strikes back, knocking Shi back with the end of his lance. Tai intervenes throwing a punch at Kazuki which he blocks.

Tokiko and Kazuki are confronted by Shusui and Ouka.

He goes to throw another punch but is quickly destroyed in a flash by a mysterious Buso Renkin causing Shi to escape with Tokiko in pursuit. However Shi is also destroyed by another Buso Renkin. Kazuki and Tokiko look up at the roof to find Ouka deactivating a Kakugane, standing alongside Shusui with one of his own. Kazuki is soon horrified when he realizes that the Hayasaka twins are the real enemy working for the L.X.E.

Later that night, Kazuki and Tokiko prepare to face off against the Hayasaka twins in the school gym. Shusui asks him if he can even fight as he looks unwell and asks if his claim to become as strong as possible was just a lie. He angrily replies that he wasn't lying and thought that they were friends that he had to protect.


Kazuki duels Shusui.

Shusui confronts both of them alone, but Kazuki decides to fight one-on-one. They begin their fight where Shusui gives him the first strike. Kazuki activates his Sunlight Heart and attacks, Shusui however stops the attack using his Kakugane and activates his Buso Renkin, Sword Samurai X and quickly slashes Kazuki's shoulder. Shusui attempts to attack again but he manages to block and dodge his attacks until they manage to get outside of the school to avoid damaging the school. They clash again until a rain of arrows fire down at him which Tokiko deflects using her Valkyrie Skirt and subsequently goes off to face Ouka. They resume the fight with Kazuki charging his Sunlight Crasher attack at maximum power but Shusui neutralizes the attack using his Sword Samurai X, Shusui explains that energy based attacks are useless against him and that it was as if they were destined to fight each other declaring that it is a contest between a sword and lance. They clash multiple times until Shusui seemingly cuts Kazuki down telling him that he is grateful to him for helping him become stronger. However Kazuki manages to get back up and tells him that their training made him stronger as well. He asks Shusui what exactly his desire is, Shusui replies telling him that it is also his sister's desire and that if he wants to know more, he will have to stop his reverse do. Shusui uses the reverse do which hits his chest, Kazuki didn't fall however as he quickly deactivated the Kakugane in his chest which blocked the blow. Kazuki quickly reactivates the Sunlight Heart which pierces Shusui's abdomen. Kazuki then watches as a horrified Ouka fires one of her heart arrows which transfers his wounds to herself. Shusui removes the arrow, retaining some of his injury and walks towards Ouka, holding her hand.


Kazuki defends the Hayasaka twins from Tokiko.

Tokiko arrives and slashes Shusui's clothes revealing his Homunculus emblem but notes that it is just fluorescent paint proving that they are Familiars, not Homunculi. Shusui keeps his promise and tells them about their desire to become humanoid Homunculi so that they can live together for eternity. They recite pretend wedding vows from the wedding game when they were kids while telling them of their tragic past. Kazuki is shocked by this revelation, however Tokiko doesn't feel sympathy for them, claiming that becoming Homunculi and making other people suffer is unforgivable as she goes to attack them. He then stops Tokiko telling her that they are still human, Tokiko tells him that they are the enemy and must be destroyed. Kazuki argues with her saying that it isn't too late for them mentioning that he couldn't save Chouno but this time he has to save the twins. Tokiko tells him that his softness is a liability on the battlefield and will eventually get him killed telling him that she will take away his ability to fight. Tokiko attacks him but he deflects most of her attacks until she manages to throw him aside. Tokiko goes to finish the twins off but he manages to defend them once more. She asks him who he wants to defend the most as they are enemies, he tells her that he wants to protect everybody and reminds her of when she saved his life and states that this could be a new beginning for the twins. Shusui uses this opportunity to stab Kazuki through the abdomen in a last ditch attempt to finish their mission but Ouka quickly fires her heart arrow and transfers Kazuki's injury to herself. As Ouka is about to accept death Kazuki tells her not to give up and uses the twin's and after some convincing Tokiko's Kakugane to try to heal her, this succeeds, stopping her bleeding


Kazuki visits Ouka at the hospital.

Ten days later Kazuki and the others go to visit the Hayasaka twins at the hospital. On their way to their room a nurse tells them that only authorized individuals are allowed to visit and tells them to leave. They decide to charge past the nurse but are stopped by several doctors, however Kazuki and Tokiko manage to get through. In the process he catches Mahiro's bouquet of flowers and gets hit on the head by Rokumasu's "get-well" melon. They pass by Captain Bravo who tells them not to run in the halls and tells them that the hospital has connections with headquarters so they have a little freedom there. They enter Ouka's room where they are greeted by Angel Gozen shocking him and Tokiko, Bravo explains that Ouka cannot talk for long so they turned on Angel Gozen's speech capability. Bravo tells him that Shusui left in the morning to train with his old sword master in order to overcome himself. Bravo passes him a note from Shusui asking him to take care of his sister while he is gone. He passes Ouka the bouquet of flowers and tells her Mahiro and the others bought them her. Ouka begins to cry out of happiness and says that they smell wonderful wishing she could share them with Shusui.


Kazuki, Tokiko and Bravo meet with Angel Gozen.

Kazuki, Tokiko and Bravo meet with Angel Gozen on the roof of Ginsei High where Bravo plans to launch an attack on the L.X.E. Headquarters. Bravo tells them that their mission will begin in 13 hours at 8 o'clock in the morning and that Kazuki is to warm up as they will complete his training. Later that night Bravo gives Kazuki a final test in his training, to come at Bravo as if he were the enemy, but he isn't allowed to use his energy cloth, so he must rely on his physical strength. Kazuki charges at Bravo and after some time manages to force Bravo's Silver Skin to shatter and regenerate, Bravo congratulates him and tells Kazuki that from now on he will be known as Warrior Kazuki.


Kazuki, Tokiko, Bravo and Angel Gozen's finishing poses.

In the morning Kazuki, Tokiko, Bravo and Angel Gozen head off to the L.X.E. Headquarters. On the way he asks Tokiko if she can swim as they are planning to go to the beach during the summer break. When Tokiko tells him it isn't the time for discussing that, Bravo tells him that he will drive them there to Kazuki's delight. They arrive outside the headquarters which appears to be a large house, Bravo says that Dr. Butterfly's laboratory is in the basement of the house. At the front door Moonface is heard asking them for the password. Gozen tells them they must answer the password and a finishing pose. They each answer the password correctly and do a finishing pose with Kazuki posed like Kamen Rider. However the door doesn't open so they bust the door open with their Buso Renkins and charge forward, Kazuki busts a hole in the floor which leads to Dr. Butterfly's lab. When they enter it Gozen panics as the restoration tank with the Warrior Traitor is missing. Moonface reveals himself and says that Dr. Butterfly took the tank with him as the traitor only needs to feed before he awakens. Moonface introduces himself along with his Buso Renkin and tells them that Dr. Butterfly has gone to Ginsei High. Kazuki gets angry but Moonface appears in front of him telling him that it is his mission to keep them all there but is quickly punched into the wall by Bravo. Bravo tells them to go and protect the school so he and Tokiko quickly fly out of the lab using the Sunlight Heart.


Angel Gozen guides Kazuki and Tokiko through the fog.

As he, Tokiko and Gozen head for the school they notice that it is surrounded by a strange fog. He shouts his friends names and charges in with Tokiko, she notices that there are metallic particles floating in the fog and deduces that it is a Buso Renkin which disorientates peoples senses. Luckily for them Gozen manages to guide them towards the school where they confront Dr. Butterfly with the restoration flask containing the Warrior Traitor and his horde of Revised Humanoid Homunculi. They activate their Buso Renkin and fight the Homunculi, destroying many of them until Shinyo Suzuki convinces the students that they are monsters in human form, causing them to throw objects out of the window at them. However Kazuki says that it isn't the time to convince the students that they are the good guys and continues fighting the Homunculi. Eventually they hear Okakura, Daihama and Rokumasu arguing with Shinyo, telling him and the students that the two warriors are not the bad guys and that they can tell they are their friends even a midst the fog. Following this Kazuki destroys a Homunculus that was about to attack Mahiro, Chisato and Saori, he asks them if they are okay before heading back to help Tokiko.

Kazuki and Tokiko being cheered on by the students.

Shortly after they are cheered on by all the students at the school, however the remaining Homunculi merge together to create two Super Revised Homunculi. Kazuki says that more than ever before he feels boundless power surging through him and immediately destroys one of the Homunculi. Before he can face the next one, Papillon arrives and comments on Kazuki's new strength before activating his Buso Renkin, Near-Death Happiness destroying the second Homunculus. When Papillon contemplates burning the school to the ground before facing Kazuki, he tells Papillon that he would like to change the order as he plans to deal with the L.X.E. and then face Papillon. This enrages Dr. Butterfly who states that he will not be treated as a mere warm-up and readies himself for battle while an alarm on the restoration flask goes off signalling the Warrior Traitor's awakening. This triggers a strange effect which drains the energy from all the students in the academy causing him and Tokiko to go inside the school to stop the flask, leaving Papillon an Dr. Butterfly to fight each other. Inside

Victor clashes with Kazuki Muto.

the school Kazuki and Tokiko pass by his classroom, there he attempts to open the door knowing that his friends are inside, however Tokiko tells him not to open it as he won't be able to go on otherwise. Despite this however he opens the door where he is knocked out of the way by Okakura, Kazuki tries to go in the classroom but is told to go on ahead by his friends. Kazuki tries to go in the classroom regardless but is punched in the face by Okakura who insists that they are fine, but there are still monsters around that only him and Tokiko can defeat. After a small pep talk Kazuki finally moves on and decides to take a shortcut to the roof. He charges his Sunlight Heart and bursts through each floor of the school until he reaches the roof and destroys the restoration flask. Kazuki manages to pierce straight through the restoration flask, however his Sunlight Heart is stopped barehanded by Victor Powered, the Warrior Traitor who asks him who he is. Kazuki is shocked that he

Victor Powered's Battle Axe

didn't cut Victor who quickly throws him back crashing to the roof. He gets back up and tells Victor to stop his energy drain, but he says that it is impossible as it is not a weapon, but is like breathing to him and as such he cannot stop it even if he wanted to. He tells Victor that he will defeat him and charges his Sunlight Crasher but as he charges at him, Victor strikes him down with one punch. After Victor throws Tokiko back, he gets back up and manages to stab Victor's hand. Realizing that he could become a threat, Victor reveals his Black Kakugane and activates his Buso Renkin, Fatal Attraction. Kazuki charges at Victor once more but the Sunlight Heart is obliterated by Fatal Attraction, which
Kazuki Dead

Kazuki, seemingly killed by Victor.

severely damages his Kakugane and leaves a hole in his chest. His seemingly lifeless body slumps to the ground. As he lies on the brink of death he can vaguely see Tokiko wailing over him and tells himself that he must fight. His Kakugane pulsates and he manages to get up to Tokiko's delight, however he keeps repeating the word "fight!" and calls the Kakugane to him where its coating shatters, revealing itself to be Black Kakugane III. This causes Kazuki to transform into a Victor where he tells Victor that he is only one who is going to die alone.

The now Victorized Kazuki battles Victor.

He swiftly kicks Victor in the face and attempts to activate his Buso Renkin, however Victor grabs his arm and slices it off with his Fatal Attraction. Kazuki quickly counters by summoning back his Black Kakugane which flies back to him, slicing off Victor's arm in the process. Kazuki then grabs the arm and absorbs it allowing him to regenerate his own arm back. Victor stays afloat in the air and quickly regenerates his arm stating that with both of them being Victorized, the battle wont be over quickly. Victor tells Kazuki that their battle is over and decides to see how much the world has changed over the last century, telling him that he has plenty of time to kill him and everything related to alchemy. Victor finally warns him that he will suffer as Victor did a hundred years ago and tells him to prepare himself before flying away.

Black Kakugane III flies back slicing off Victor's arm

Annoyed at this Kazuki goes to run after Victor but Tokiko manages to stop him which reverts his transformation. Papillon immediately flies up to the roof of the school and scolds Kazuki for apparently giving up his humanity calling him a hypocrite once more. He denies that he has given up his humanity, stating that he is now back to normal. Papillon argues telling him that his Black Kakugane could transform him once more and tells him that he will never be human again.

Afterwards he and Tokiko check up on his friends and the other students and are glad to find that nobody has been severely injured. When they decide to head to the L.X.E. Headquarters to meet Bravo, Papillon decides to fly on ahead but Kazuki grabs onto Papillon's leg much to his chagrin. Just before they reach the base they see it exploding with many Moonfaces being destroyed in the process. When they land they see Captain Bravo emerge from the rubble holding Moonface's severely damaged body. They inform Bravo of the previous incident and ask him if he knows anything about the Black Kakugane or the third type of being, unfortunately Bravo doesn't know any more than they do. Before leaving to do his research Papillon tells Kazuki to hold onto what is left of his humanity before going off to do more research, he tells Papillon to take care of himself before he leaves. Later that evening Bravo tells him and Tokiko that he is going back to his headquarters to get to the bottom of the incident. Bravo reassures a worried Kazuki, telling him that he helped destroy the L.X.E. and saved the city and tells him to rest until he returns.

Kazuki Re-Extermination ArcEdit

One month later at the end of the school semester, Kazuki and his friend's look at their report cards where Kazuki is disappointed about getting worse results than Okakura. He and his friends discuss their plans for a trip to the beach which makes Tokiko mad as she thought he was joking when he mentioned it before. He tells Tokiko that it would make Daihama happy if she wore a swimsuit, which apparently "ruins" Daihama. They all watch the news which mentions about various incidents around the world where people are succumbing to a mysterious ailment, referring to Victor's energy drain. Later Tokiko tells Kazuki that he has good friends, he then tells her that they are also her friends before asking her if she has heard from Bravo. She tells him that she heard off him once but that was weeks ago where he told her that Kazuki is to cease activities as a warrior for the time being and that he should provide some samples at the hospital. When Tokiko asks Kazuki if he is worried about the Black Kakugane, he says he isn't too worried but wishes he could work alongside her and Bravo again.


Kazuki and his friends at Iruka Beach.

Kazuki, Tokiko and their friends eventually arrive at Iruka Beach. He seems heavily aroused when he sees Tokiko in her swimsuit and stares at her naval which annoys her. He is later shocked and happy to see Bravo surfing in the sea and welcomes him back and subsequently goes to have fun in the sea. He later tries to copy Bravo's "Bravo Kiss" technique with his own "Kazuki Kiss" which he performs on Tokiko, however it earns him a punch from her. As the sun sets Bravo asks him if anything happened while he was away, he tells Bravo that no remnants of the L.X.E. came looking for them and Papillon hasn't shown himself at all. He asks Bravo if he will train with him again once they have sorted out the business with the Black Kakugane but is interrupted by his friends. Bravo tells him to meet him at the rocks at the beach after midnight.


Kazuki faces off against Bravo.

After midnight he meets Bravo clad in his Silver Skin. Bravo tells him that the organization that manages the Alchemist Warriors is known as the Alchemist Army, and talks about its origins as well as the Alchemist Army's three main goals. He mentions that the army oversees the Kakugane and destroys the Homunculi which Kazuki already knows and a third goal, the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. Bravo states that three Black Kakugane were created as prototypes of the stone and that the first test subject to use one was none other than Victor whose heart was badly damaged in a major battle against the Homunculi. Bravo mentions that the story about Victor being a traitor and turning into a Homunculus was a cover up story to hide the army's greatest failure, he also says that he looked into Kazuki's medical records and found out that Kazuki can no longer be separated from the Black Kakugane, thus he will never be human again. Kazuki is deeply shocked by this revelation and tells Bravo that he is human. Bravo says that one does not become a Victor all at once as there are different stages, with Kazuki being in the first stage but his transformation will be complete in six weeks. Bravo tells Kazuki that his new mission is to put a stop to the transformation, meaning that he must kill him. Once more in denial Kazuki refuses to believe Bravo's words, calling him an impostor before finally realizing that what Bravo is saying is the truth. When Bravo asks him if he will give up his life willingly, Kazuki tells him that he will not give up and if he only has six weeks left, he is going to use them to pursue his beliefs until the very end. The two verbally part ways and clash as Kazuki activates the Sunlight Heart. Kazuki is knocked back by Bravo when he notices a sudden change in his Buso Renkin. It begins to glow and transforms into the Sunlight Heart Plus due to his new power. He grabs his new lance and continues his battle eventually using its energy to reach and strike Bravo into the ocean. However Bravo parts the waves using his hand and emerges unscathed. Kazuki thinks of his friends and turns into a Victor and charges at Bravo who activates his Silver Skin: Alternate Type to stop his attack. Bravo uses the Silver Skin Reverse technique to restrain Kazuki and stop his energy drain. Kazuki thinks of his friends once more and gains the strength to tear off the Silver Skin Reverse but Bravo activates the Double Straight, fully reinforcing the restraint. Bravo then deals Kazuki a final blow and subsequently tosses him into the ocean below.

Sometime later Kazuki is rescued from the sea by Tokiko and Gota Nakamura, as Gota tries to resuscitate him the energy drain activates once more while he is unconscious. Kazuki later regains consciousness and apologizes to Tokiko for the trouble he has put her through. Tokiko treats his wounds and tells him to avoid transforming into a Victor if he can. In order to find some information about the Black Kakugane and to possibly reverse its effects, they decide to go to the school where Tokiko originally found Kazuki's Kakugane. Kazuki decides to go alone but Tokiko tells him that she isn't going to leave his side, stating that in the next six weeks they will be one mind and body and that if the time comes that he should die she will die with him. Kazuki returns the favor telling her that if Tokiko should die, he will die as well. When he asks Tokiko who Gota is, they notice he is nowhere to be seen.

Gota surfaces from the ocean after a battle with warrior chief Hiwatari, and Kazuki along with Tokiko and Gota go to Newton Apple Academy in order to find out the mystery behind Kazuki's black kakugane because that is where Tokiko found Kazuki's kakugane. The three eventually meet Hiwatari and his accomplice Shinobu Negoro on their way to the school. Hiwatari sets off a fiery explosion, scattering the three warriors. Kazuki is separated from the others and attempts to find them, however he ends up crossing paths with Captain Bravo once again. The two of them duke it out and in the middle of it, Kazuki is reunited with Tokyo and Got.

The battle results in Kazuki piercing through Captain Bravo's Buso Renkin, silver skin, and injuring him. Captain Bravo admits defeat and tells Kazuki, Tokiko and Gota that he entrusts the future to them, telling them to go on ahead. However, Hiwatari comes and attempts to incinerate the three alchemist warriors and burn them to ashes. Captain Bravo uses his Buso Renkin to protect them, losing his protection in the process. Kazuki gets mad when he thought Captain Bravo had died, and rushes to attack Hiwatari. However, the Great Warrior Chief, Shosei Sakaguchi intervenes the battle in with his Buso Renkin with an injured Captain Bravo in his arms. Shosei tells everyone that for the time being, all missions are suspended because they are preparing to attack and finish off Victor once and for all. He places Kazuki under the watch of Tokiko and Gota, telling them to watch his actions. Shosei and Hiwatari then leave for the battle, Captain Bravo has his wounds treated, and Kazuki, Tokiko and Gota go to Newton Apple Academy like they had originally planned.

White Kakugane Arc Edit

Kazuki, Tokiko and Gota arrive to Newton Apple Academy where they are greeted by Papillion. The four of them encounter the mysterious man who Tokiko met when she obtained Kazuki's kakugane. The mysterious man leads them to a dead end where it is revealed that the mysterious figure is actually a girl. She leads them into an underground chamber that was created by her Buso Renkin, and there they meet Alexandria, Victor's wife. They then find out that the girl is Victor's daughter: Victoria. Alexandria proceeds to tell the three Alchemist warriors of Victor's past as well as theirs, which ends up leading to the white kakugane. Alexandria had created the white kakugane off the final and remaining black kakugane in order to revert Victor and Kazuki back into humans. However, there is only one white kakugane which means Kazuki will have to make a choice between saving himself or Victor.

Kazuki and Tokiko return to school in order to have some fun and relax, as Kazuki contemplates what he will do next. Kazuki meets Gota in the school's restroom where he tells Kazuki that so long as he doesn't make Tokiko cry, they will be comrades. Kazuki agrees to this but Gota still refuses to shake his hand. Kazuki meets up with Tokiko outside where they go to the amusement park because that is where they are meeting their friends. On the way, Kazuki and Tokiko eat snow cones since it is Summer and Kazuki tells Tokiko a bit of his childhood. After the amusement park, Kazuki leaves early and goes to Tokiko's special place where he thinks about his decision regarding the white kakugane. Tokiko arrives and she tells him that he can always rely on her for help. The two share a kiss as a sign of their love for each other.

Kazuki reveals his plan to the others: he wants to use the white kakugane on Victor to restore him to his human form, while he plans to put himself into sleep (using Papillon's device) so that his transformation will temporarily stop. In the meantime, Papillon will create another white kakugane and save Kazuki so him and Kazuki can settle things once and for all. The plan begins with Kazuki and the others arriving at the battlefield on a helicopter. Kazuki and Tokiko attack Victor with Kazuki's Buso Renkin (that has the white kakugane in it) and pierces through his skin. The white kakugane succeeds in draining Victor's energy and reverts him back to stage 2, however he manages to break free of the white Kakugane's effects. Tokiko urges Kazuki to not let go of her hand, however Kazuki apologises to Tokiko, saying that he cannot keep that promise. Kazuki then lets Tokiko go, and she falls to the ocean, wailing and crying out to Kazuki. Kazuki then initiates Energy Full Blast on his Sunlight Heart and pushes Victor up towards the moon with the force of his Buso Renkin. They arrive at the moon and Victor asks Kazuki why he fights so hard. Kazuki responds saying that he needs to protect all his friends and especially the girl he loves most.

Resolution Arc Edit

A few days later, when the alchemist warriors go up to the moon in Shosei Sakaguchi's Buso Renkin, Buster Baron to rescue Kazuki, Kazuki and Victor are still fighting on the moon. Kazuki gets pushed back by Victor's power but refuses to give up. Victor tells him that his friends who he has been protecting are coming to rescue him so their fight is over. He uses his Buso Renkin, Fatal Attraction to distort the gravity of the moon so he can escape. However, he only has enough power to send one person through, but Kazuki persuades him to come with him, saying that his daughter is waiting for him. They both push through the moon's gravity and Tokiko comes in using Captain Bravo's Silver Skin to rescue Kazuki.

Kazuki returns to Earth with Tokiko where Papillon gives him the newly created white Kakugane. Kazuki uses it to return to human form and him and Papillon have their fight. The duel concludes with Kazuki overpowering Papillon but he refuses to kill him, telling him that he doesn't want to kill him and that he should live on.

Kazuki and Tokiko are seen walking down a road where Tokiko says that without her kakugane, she feels like she is missing something. However, Kazuki assures her that he will fill up that emptiness that she is feeling inside of her. The two return to school where all of their friends are waiting for them, and the world of battle comes to an end.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: After training with his Buso Renkin, Kazuki has been shown to be able to efficiently wield a sword as well, he was even able to give Shusui Hayasaka a good challenge in a kendo match.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Kazuki has been shown to be very fast at running. After training with his Buso Renkin he is shown to be an agile fighter, able to dodge and block most attacks and efficiently attack with his lance.

Enhanced Durability: Kazuki has been shown to withstand most injuries caused by his opponents including being beaten of slashed, however this is partly as an effect of his Kakugane's healing properties. Also as his Kakugane has replaced his heart any injuries he sustains there are no longer fatal.

Keen Intellect: During his battles Kazuki has become more perceptive of his opponents movements and can plan his attacks quickly. He also quickly learns how to use his Buso Renkin for a variety of purposes.

Buso RenkinEdit

Buso Renkin of the Lance, Sunlight Heart (サンライト・ハート Sanraito Hāto)

Activating Sunlight Heart

Activating Sunlight Heart.

It first was believed to be Kakugane LXX, but Kazuki came to discover he was actually in possession of the Black Kakugane III, with the actual Kakugane LXX being in the possession of Dr. Butterfly. Seeing as the Kakugane doubles as his heart, his Buso Renkin plays a unique and critical role in Kazuki's survival. Once invoked, his Buso Renkin, Sunlight Heart, takes the form of a spear-lance with a large decorative cloth attached. He was told his personality fit as a spear so his Kakugane took that form, because he liked to poke his nose into other people's business.

  • Energy Cloth: The cloth is turned into an energy force when it resonates with Kazuki's willpower. The cloth's energy can be used as propulsive kinetic energy for forward charging, or, dissipating the gravitational forces of a fall. This ability is the origin of its name as the light it radiates shines like the rays of the sun.
    • Sunlight Slasher: formerly named the "Jousting Slasher," is a straight charge attack under the propulsion of cloth's energy at full capacity, and it appears to be his quickest attack.
    • Sunlight Flasher: formerly the "Jousting Flasher," uses a burst of bright light from the cloth to blind the enemy.
    • Sunlight Crasher: formerly the "Jousting Crasher," is his strongest attack,

      Kazuki about to perform the Sunlight Crasher.

      which wraps the cloth around the lance and uses its energy force to increase the overall speed and destructive force of the charge.
    • Energy Attack: During his fight against Kawazui, when Kazuki first discovered the energy abilities of his Buso Renkin's cloth, he used an unnamed energy attack that incinerated all of his mini-frogs. Presumably, this is Kazuki's only ranged/area-of-effect attack, but he hasn't used it since.

Alternate Type Buso RenkinEdit

Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type (サンライト・ハート: 代わり・タイプ Sanraito Hāto: Kawari Taipu)


Kazuki's Double Buso Renkin.

When Tokiko gave him her Kakugane to help confront Chouno it taken on the form of a second lance with the same shape and cloth as the original but had a different motif. It made both lances unstable due to Kazuki's exhaustion and lack of experience. It was only used once in the series during Kazuki's first fight with Papillon. It is also used as one of Kazuki's attacks in the Jump Ultimate Stars video game.

Evolved Buso RenkinEdit

Sunlight Heart Plus (サンライト・ハート プラス Sanraito Hāto Purasu)


"The New Light that Shines Toward the Heavens!".

Sunlight Heart permanently evolved into this form shortly after Kazuki's Kakugane resonated with Victor's Black Kakugane and revealed itself to be Black Kakugane III. In this form it has a smaller, sleeker design.

  • Energy Discharge: At first glance, seems inadequate as a lance due to its decreased reach and size. However, Sunlight Heart Plus's true properties reveal themselves as being able to vastly increase its reach and power; responding to Kazuki's willpower to unleash its self-contained energy, disassembling into, and arranging its core components in the most efficient formations. To this extent, it activates its alchemic powers in the same manner as the original Sunlight Heart. Though lacking the cloth, it can generate propulsive forces from the point at the end of the handle (which is shaped like the original Sunlight Heart, though much smaller) which opens to release kinetic energy. It can also fire off blasts of internal energy.


Victor III

Kazuki a.k.a. Victor III, transformed by the Black Kakugane.

When Kazuki's Black Kakugane III awoke it transformed him into a Victor giving him glowing white hair (light green in the anime), red eyes, and tanned skin with an outline of the Black Kakugane on his chest. Kazuki was only in Stage 1 of the Victorization which meant he could revert back to his human form. The transformation was usually triggered when Kazuki was angry as it sent him into a berserker rage when he first fought Victor. Afterwards he would normally transform in response to his normal fighting spirit.

  • Energy Drain: A Victor's primary ability is a 'vital body function' which absorbs people's life force; it's possible to kill a person by draining his/her energy. As it is a vital body function, it is impossible to stop or shut off. Because of this however Kazuki is capable of surviving without oxygen as shown when he fought Victor on the moon.
  • Regeneration: The energy drain ability allows Kazuki to heal wounds and regenerate lost limbs almost instantly, having even more vitality than a homunculus.
  • Enhanced Speed & Strength: His speed in this form is greatly increased to the point where he can catch even Victor off guard and almost match his strength.
  • Flight: Towards the end of the series Kazuki learned how to fly in combination with his Buso Renkin. How much this ability stemmed from his alchemic weapon and/or his Victorization is unknown, but he was proficient enough in using it to reach escape velocity, jettisoning himself & Victor all the way to the moon.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Kazuki appears in Buso Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park for the Playstation 2 as a playable character wielding the Sunlight Heart Plus and the main protagonist of the game's story which takes place after the main series. Kazuki also appears in both Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS as a playable character representing Buso Renkin. In these games he normally wields the regular Sunlight Heart, but can use Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type alongside the original and transform into his Victor form where he wields Sunlight Heart Plus.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states that Kazuki's initial design and personality was based on Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin, adding that his hair tips are reminiscent of Misao's hairstyle.
  • According to Nobuhiro Watsuki:
    • He likes curry rice, green veggie juice, golden yellow colors and older women.
    • He dislikes shitake mushrooms and math.
    • His hobby is reading manga.
    • He is good at lot of things ("No point of hiding it now! I'm a Master of <insert skill here>!")
  • Before Tokiko named his lance for him, Kazuki would shout upon activation "Pierce through, my Buso Renkin!"
  • Kazuki is named after Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, and Yugi Muto, the main character of that franchise, taking the first name from the artist and the surname from the character.
  • The main protagonist of Highschool of the Dead, Takashi Komuro heavily resembles Kazuki.
  • Throughout the series, Kazuki has been in possession of all known types of Kakugane.


  • (To Hideyuki Okakura) "I'm such a terror!"
  • "Pierce through! My Buso Renkin!"
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "Let's come up with a cool name for my lance!"
  • (To Kawazui) "I told you already. I'm well aware of my ability but I'm the only one who can fight in this city! That's why I'm going to take you on!"
  • "Koushaku, human or Homunculus, either way you're going to die alone at this rate. You'll have a grave but no one will bring you flowers or burn incense for you. No one will pray for you. No one will remember you.
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "I did what I had to do. Does that make me a hypocrite?"
  • (To Papillon) "Just stick to the mask. That's pretty cool!"
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "I don't need rest. If anything, I need to train more! Right now I want to become as strong as I can!"
  • (To Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka) "I thought you two were our friends! I wasn't supposed to have to fight you. I thought I was supposed to protect you."
  • (To Shusui Hayasaka) "This Kakugane is a new life given to me by Tokiko. I'm not going to give it up so easily!"
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "All of them! I want to protect everybody!!"
  • "Leave it to me, Tokiko! I'll be all right. More than ever before I feel boundless power surging through me!"
  • "The only one who's going to die alone is you Victor!!"
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "You and Bravo are my comrades in arms. I just want the three of us to get started on a new mission."
  • (To Tokiko Tsumura) "Overwhelming sex appeal! Kazuki Kiss."
  • "Say it isn't so Bravo. Tell me you're just kidding. That's it! You're not Bravo at all! You're Captain Bull-crap!"
  • "Yes...But not now! I won't give up just yet!! Bravo. Those words gave me the courage to become an Alchemist Warrior like you! So if I still have six weeks left to live as a human being I'm going to pursue my beliefs to the very end! With the life that Tokiko gave me, I'm going to fight to the very end!!"


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