Lotteriya Burger
Name Lotteriya Burger
Type Fast-food Restaurtant
Located In Ginsei City
Primary Function Catering of fast-food meals
Debut Chapter 20 (Manga)
Episode 7 (Anime)

Lotteriya Burger (口ツテリやバーガー Kuchitsuteriya Bāgā) or known as Umaka Burger (ウマカバーガー Umaka Bāgā) in the anime is a popular fast-food restaurant in Ginsei City.


Lotteriya Burger is located on the corner of a large building in Ginsei's city center decorated with many signs and logos on the front. It is run by a male manager and dozens of employees. As the name suggests is specializes in selling burgers. The most popular meal there seems to be the Hamburger Meal A which contains a "Special" burger, medium fries, medium drink and a toy snail. The restaurant is well known for attracting bizarre looking customers to the chagrin of the employee who serves them including Papillon, Captain Bravo wearing his Silver Skin, Tai, Shi, Hanaka Busujima and Angel Gozen.

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