Mayumi Hayasaka
Type Human
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown daytime job
Family Shusui Hayasaka (Adopted Son)
Ouka Hayasaka (Adopted Daughter)
Debut Chapter 31 (Manga)
Episode 11 (Anime)
Voice Actor Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)
Cindy Robinson (English)
Status Deceased

Mayumi Hayasaka (早坂 まゆみ Hayasaka Mayumi) was the adoptive mother of Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka.


Mayumi was a young woman with brown eyes and long brown hair with her fringe parted in the middle framing her face and a spiky ponytail. She often wore a brown coat and multiple plain colored t-shirts and trousers.


She was a seemingly very caring and loving woman as she devoted all of her spare time to caring for the twins, often playing games with them such as the wedding game which the twins used as a bonding mechanism even in their teenage years. She had a somewhat deranged side of her personality however as she kidnapped the twins from their real parents after she finished her affair with their real father, she never took the twins outside and even put several padlocks on the front door, this could have been out of revenge or more likely her desperation to have a family.


At an unknown point in time Mayumi had an affair with with the Hayasaka twins' father, once the affair ended Mayumi kidnapped the twins and moved into a one bedroom apartment in hiding. She kept the twins there for around 3 years where she took good care of them, she would normally go to work in the day and then play games with the twins of a night time, eventually teaching them the wedding game, at this point all 3 of them seemed really happy as a family. However as the days went by she was getting thinner until eventually she died in her sleep, leading the twins to discover her lifeless body in the morning.


  • (To Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka) "And mommy swears too! The three of us will be together forever!"
  • (To Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka) "It's dangerous out there so stay inside okay?"