Motor Gears
Motor Gears
Kakugane Serial Number(s) LV (55)
Creator Gota Nakamura
Form Chakram
Main Color(s) Gold and Indigo

Buso Renkin of the Chakram, Motor Gears the Buso Renkin of Gota Nakamura.


Motor Gear no spin

What Motor Gear looks like when not spinning

Gota possesses Kakugane LV Motor Gear, which takes the form of a pair of gear-shaped chakrams. The chakrams are colored gold and have edges and inlays that are indigo in the manga and blue in the anime.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Motor Gears has a variety of applications ranging from close-to-long range weaponry to increased mobility for Gota himself. Motor Gear is regarded as one of the weakest Arms Alchemy currently in use; however, it more than makes up for this with its speed and size which makes it extremely hard to see, along with the wide variety of uses the Motor Gear can utilize in combat.

Velocity, angle of attack, and RPM can be programmed before they are thrown. This programming is done through neural induction. They can also be used as hand weapons. They power source is the body's motor impulses. When thrown they run on internal power storage.


Gota can use the Motor Gears in three different modes which allow them to be used in different situations.

Motor Gears Sky Walker Mode

Sky Walker Mode

  • Sky Walker Mode: Gota attaches the Chakrams to his ankles. They can then rotate and can be used as wheels to increase speed and mobility. Because they are still fast spinning chakrams they can be used as an effective slicing weapon when kicking. Motor Gears can be launched from their position on the ankles to release a surprise attack.
  • Marine Diver Mode: Gota attaches the Chakrams to the soles of his feet. They then spin and are used as propellers to increase mobility in water.
  • Knuckle Duster Mode: Gota attaches the Chakrams to his fists. The spinning power of Motor Gears increases the impact damage done by his punches.


  • The Motor Gears were inspired by a large gear that the author found as a child. He was really excited because it looked like a weapon of some kind.
  • To try and found a name for this the author was researching Indian gods and heroes but nothing was working. When the deadline loomed he got desperate and blurted out, "They're gears that run on the body's motor impulses so they're Motor Gears!"