Near-Death Happiness
Kakugane Serial Number(s) LXI (61)
Creator Papillon
Form Gunpowder
Main Color(s) Black

"Happiness is found at the verge of death!" - Nobuhiro Watsuki

The Black-Powder Buso Renkin Near-Death Happiness (黒色火薬の武装錬金 ニアデスハピネス Burakku Paudā no Busō Renkin Nia-Desu Hapinesu) is the Buso Renkin of Koushaku Chouno, better known as Papillon. When first activated, Papillon suffered a shock which he seemed to enjoy, saying he "forgot the ecstasy of near-death".


When activated Near-Death Happiness takes the form of black gunpowder that can assume any form, however when Papillon uses it, it typically takes the form of a pair of butterfly wings on his back.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Near Death Happiness

Near-Death Happiness

Gunpowder Manipulation: The black gunpowder can be remote controlled at a maximum distance of 50 meters and can be ignited at will to create powerful explosions. Papillon typically turns the gunpowder into the form of small butterflies when using it offensively and can create a large butterfly which he can ride on.

Flight: Papillon can burn some of the gunpowder to generate thrust. He often does this while the gunpowder takes the form of the large butterfly wings which allows him to fly.


  • The gunpowder has to be within Papillon's line of sight in order for it to ignite.
  • Once the gunpowder runs out it takes up to 3 days to replenish itself.
  • The explosions that the gunpowder creates are dangerous even to Papillon himself, as such if he sets off too many explosions while he is next to his opponent, it will severely wound him as well.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states that the name of the Buso Renkin came from the name of a strange disease from the novel Stacey by Kenji Otsuki.
  • The Buso Renkin was once misprinted as "Near-Death Papiness. Watsuki thought about leaving it as its name as Papillon was also based off a character from Spider's Thread, another book by Otsuki, however in the end he corrected it.


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