Restoration Tank
Use Restoration of injured individuals
Created By Dr. Butterfly
Used By Dr. Butterfly
Victor Powered
Debut Chapter 18 (Manga)
Episode 7 (Anime)

The Restoration Tank is a large tank or flask created by Dr. Butterfly in his quest to heal Victor Powered.


It is a large light bulb shaped container that was mostly seen at the heart of Dr. Butterfly's laboratory. Dr. Butterfly states that it is his greatest creation as he worked on it for several years with the intent of healing Victor.

It's power of restoration is slow but extremely effective as Butterfly used it to heal Papillon even after the latter was seemingly vaporized by Kazuki's Sunlight Heart leaving little remains. It seems to heal whoever is inside using a strange pink gas which often illuminated Dr. Butterfly's lab. He later used it to restore Victor and could apparently contain his energy drain until he fully awakened. An alarm was set to go off to signal Victor's awakening. When this occurred multiple mechanical tentacle-like appendages came out from the bottom of the tank and would attach themselves to any nearby surface and subsequently activate Victor's energy drain to fully restore him.

Modified FormsEdit

Using the remains of the original flask Papillon created his own version which resembled the original except it has wider, bulb shape. Like the original it is used for healing whoever is placed inside using a strange pink gas which often illuminates Papillon's secret hideout. Papillon uses it frequently to heal himself after his fight with Dr. Butterfly. He also modified it for more casual usage as it contains a chair, table and books which Papillon reads.

Using similar technology Papillon also created a tall, cylindrical tank similar to the Restoration Tank made in order to temporarily stop Kazuki's Victorization, including his energy drain and advancement to Stage 2.


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