Rintaro Inukai
Type Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday March 7th (Pisces)
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 121 lbs (55 kg)
Blood Type A
Affiliation Alchemist Army
Occupation Alchemist Warrior
Team Re-Extermination Squad (Manga only)
Victor Hunt Squad (Anime only)
Kakugane XCII: Killer Rabies
Voice Actor Makoto Yasumura (Japanese)
Tom Gibis (English)
Status Active

Rintarou Inukai (犬飼倫太郎 Inukai Rintarō) is an Alchemist Warrior of the Alchemist Army and member of the Re-Extermination Squad.


  • According to Nobuhiro Watsuki:
    • He likes toy dogs and picture books of dogs.
    • He dislikes real dogs.
    • His hobby is watching talk shows.
    • His special ability is mimicking various dog sounds.
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