Rurio Head
Kakugane Serial Number(s) L (50)
Creator Alexandria Powered
Form Helmet
Main Color(s) Orange and Metallic Black

The Helm Buso Renkin Rurio Head (兜の武装錬金 ルリヲヘッド Herumu no Busō Renkin Rurio Heddo) the Buso Renkin of Alexandria Powered.


Alexandria possesses Kakugane L which takes the form of an orange and metallic black helmet and cape (blue and white in the anime). The helmet has a glass face-plate which is partially covered by a hood and has knives at the end of the cape.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Mental Control: The helmet is able to take over and control anyone who puts it on. It also seems to be able to force itself on a victim. The effectiveness of the control is determined on the level of synchronization of the wearer. When the synchronization is low, the target moves stiffly and the damage to the wearer is greater. It also allows Alexandria to read the wearer's brainwave patterns, thoughts and memories, unless the victim resists then the effect becomes weaker.
  • Communication Device: The glass face-plate of the helmet is also Alexandria's main form of communication and is able to do so for brief periods by creating vibrations inside it.
  • Cape Knives: It possesses several sharp points at the bottom of the cape which serve as its primary offensive weapon.


  • The design came from a movie about alchemy, called Vidocq.
  • The name comes from the title of a song, "Fuusha Otoko Rurio" (Windmill Man Rurio) by the band Kinniku Shojo Tai.