Satellite 30
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XXX (30)
Creator Moonface
Form Moon Fang
Main Color(s) Silver and yellow

"The Moon has many faces." - Nobuhiro Watsuki

Buso Renkin of the Moon Fang, Satellite 30 (サテライト・30 Sateraito 30) is the Buso Renkin of Moonface.


Satellite 30 takes the form of a small yellow and silver crescent moon shaped knife, styled after a deer horn knife with two crescent-moon shapes at the base.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Satellite 30

Moonface Replication

Moonface Replication: The Satellite 30 can split Moonface into as many as 30 separate bodies that can fight as a unit. Each of the bodies are the same as the original so even if one remains, it can be divided into 30 bodies again. Since this uses a large amount of energy, only a homunculus such as Moonface could use it. Each of the copies have different heads, shaped like the different phases of the moon. These are the known names for some of Moonface's copies:

  • Shingetsu Moonface (New Moon)
  • Mayutsuki Moonface (Waxing Crescent 2)
  • Hihaku Moonface (Waxing Crescent 3)
  • Sengetsu Moonface (Waxing Crescent 5)
  • Gyokko Moonface (First Quarter 7)
  • Kangetsu Moonface (Waxing Gibbous 11)
  • Mangetsu Moonface (Full Moon)
  • Kagen Moonface (Last Quarter 21)
  • Nijyusanyamachi Moonface (Last Quarter 22)
  • Nijyurokuya Moonface (Waning Crescent 26)


  • The more copies Moon Face makes, the harder it is for him to coordinate complicated moves.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki says that he got the idea of Satellite 30 from the character Agent Smith from The Matrix Reloaded.
  • Watsuki notes that the Moon Fang refers to the type of blade found on several Chinese weapons and is not the proper name of a weapon. The houtengeki, goshukou, and shiboenouetsu all have moon-shaped blades.