Secret trail
Secret Trail
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XIV (14)
Creator Shinobu Negoro
Form Ninja Sword
Main Color(s) Moss Green and Gold
The Ninja-Sword Buso Renkin Secret Trail (忍者刀の武装錬金 シークレットトレイル Ninjatō no Busō Renkin Shīkuretto Toreiru) the Buso Renkin of Shinobu Negoro.


Shinobu possesses Kakugane XIV which takes the form of a ninja blade. The blade is a gold color and has a green handle with a brown rectangular tsuba. When passing through the dimension pathway there is a blue lightning effect.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Between Dimensions 2

Passing through the dimensions

Secret Trail possesses the unique ability that by slicing with the Ninja Blade it creates a pathway to another dimension. With this byway it enables Shinobu to pass through that object into the dimension.

Only the creator of the Ninja Sword can enter the other dimension. However admittance is triggered by the creator's DNA, so objects that have his hair or blood on them can also pass through. The creator can travel to the other dimension from anywhere in this one. However, the dimension opening cannot be created in air or water.


True Concealment

True Concealment

  • True Concealment: This is the ultimate attack of Secret Trail. From within the other dimension Shinobu throws the sword. Since the attack originates from within the other dimension the enemy cannot determine where the attack will come from. The sword passes through the pathway into real world and then towards the enemy. If the attack doesn't work the first time or the sword is deflected it returns to the other dimension where the attack can be used again. With this the enemy can’t counterattack and is constantly stuck on the defensive.


  • The design is based on a typical ninja sword and made to look slightly mechanical.
  • When trying to think of a useful ability the author tried to use something that fit with a ninja's stealthiest and would be useful in a battle of wits. So, he combined the ability to warp with invisibility.


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