Shinobu Negoro
Type Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday December 22
Gender Male
Affiliation Alchemist Army
Occupation Alchemist Warrior
Team Re-Extermination Squad
Kakugane XIV: Secret Trail
Voice Actor Kenji Hamada (Japanese)
Doug Erholtz (English)
Status Active

Shinobu Negoro is a character from the Buso Renkin series.

Shinobu Negoro's buso Renkin is Ninja Sword, and his Kakugane is XIV, Secret Trail. Secret Trail would work when Negoro would cut open paths to another space. Only Negoro's DNA is recognised by this Buso Renkin. Also the sword can be thrown between dimensions. He has his hair sewn into his clothes to allow both him and his clothes to pass through the dimensions as well.


Shinobu Negoro First Appearence

From right to left the characters are Genji Ikusabe, Sekima Hiwatari and finally Shinobu Negoro

Battle with Gota NakamuraEdit

On Episode 19 Shinobu Negoro was defeated after Gota Nakamura covered his Motor Gears with Shinobu's blood (DNA) allowing the Motor Gears to enter the Secret trail.

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