Shishaku Chouno
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Chouno Family
Occupation Head of the Chouno Family Estate
Family Unnamed estranged wife
Koushaku Chouno (son)
Jiro Chouno (son, deceased)
Dr. Butterfly (great grandfather, deceased)
Debut Chapter 15 (Manga)
Episode 6 (Anime)
Voice Actor Keiichi Sonobe (Japanese)
Kirk Thornton (English)
Status Deceased

Shishaku Chouno (蝶野 刺爵 Chōuno Shishaku) was the father of Koushaku Chouno and Jiro Chouno and the head of the Chouno family.


He was a middle aged man with sharp looking gray eyes and dark gray hair with light gray streaks on both sides and a sharp gray mustache. He wore a white kimono and a red haori over it with a white butterfly pattern on both sides of the chest.


He is a fairly cold hearted man who only sees worth in geniuses and likes to categorize people as either necessary or unnecessary. He even washed his hands of his son Koushaku calling him useless even though was sick and eventually going to die. The love for his sons runs deep but his convictions run deeper.


A New Life ArcEdit

Kazuki visits the Chouno family estate and asks Shishaku if he knows where Koushaku is. Shishaku says that he does not know where he is nor does he care. He explains to Kazuki about how his son was meant to become the head of the estate and was given special education programs since he was young to do so but has been held back twice in high school and is now a 20 year old recluse. Kazuki tells him that Koushaku is suffering from a terrible illness, however Shishaku just says that he doesn't care and that if he can't accomplish anything he is useless. He tells Kazuki that if he sees his son that he should tell him that his brother Jiro will take over as the head of the estate and that he is no longer needed.


Shishaku killed by his son.

Shishaku later hears lots of noise wondering if the guards are playing around. However Koushaku, now known as Papillon walks in to his room having devoured all the guards as they mistook him for Jiro. He complements his son's outfit, calling him Jiro and asking him what kind of party they are having tonight. Papillon impales his stomach with his arm and declares that it is a memorial tribute to the passing of Koushaku Chouno. Shishaku says Jiro's name and dies.

L.X.E. ArcEdit

When Dr. Butterfly uses his Buso Renkin, Alice in Wonderland on Papillon, he hallucinates and sees Shishaku telling Washio's human incarnation not to bother training Papillon as he has given up on him and Jiro will become his heir.


  • According to Nobuhiro Watsuki he was separated from his wife and was in the middle of a divorce before his death.


  • (To Kazuki Muto) "So what? If he can't accomplish anything he's useless."
  • (To Papillon) "Oh! What a splendid outfit, Jiro! What kind of party are we having tonight?"
  • (To Washio) "Forget it Washio, I've given up on him. Jiro will be my heir."