Soya Muto
Type Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday February 10th (Aquarius)
Age 13
Gender Male
Height 5'5" (145 cm)
Weight 137 lbs (65 kg)
Blood Type A
Occupation Alchemist Warrior
Family Kazuki Muto (Father)
Tokiko Tsumura (Mother)
Mahiro Muto (Aunt)
Kakugane LXXIV: Lightning Pale Rider
Debut Buso Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park (Video Game)
Voice Actor Hiroaki Miura (Japanese)
Sean Chiplock (English)
Status Active
Soya Muto (武藤ソウヤ, Mutō Sōya) is an Alchemist Warrior and the son of Kazuki Muto and Tokiko Tsumura who hails from the future. He is a playable character in Buso Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park. Because this game was never released outside of Japan, the information concerning Soya is sketchy and uncertain. Please keep this in mind when reading this article.


Soya is a slim teenager with yellow eyes and blue spiky hair with two white streaks on both sides of his hair. He wears a white jacket with blue lining and a blue cross on the front, blue shirt, a large red scarf, red armband, white trousers and brown shoes.


Buso Renkin: Welcome to Papillon ParkEdit

He goes back in time to stop a plot by Moonface, that apparently involves a Homunculi heart which creates Homunculi that destroyed his future.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength: Because of his father Kazuki having a Black Kakugane in his chest Soya was born with a vast amount of raw power.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Just like his father Kazuki, he has been shown to be a very fast and agile fighter.

Buso RenkinEdit

Lightning Pale Rider

Soya Muto

Soya wielding the Lightning Pale Rider.

Soya possesses Kakugane LXXIV which takes the form of a large metallic spear that initially appears to be a single bladed weapon resembling Kazuki's Sunlight Heart decorated with 8 hexagons on each side, however when the weapon is being used the single blade seperates into 5 blades and resemble's a trident more with the 4 outer blades resembling the blades of the Valkyrie Skirt while the center blade shines much like the Sunlight Heart except it radiates a blue light instead.

  • Slash Attack: Much like Kazuki's Sunlight Slasher it is a straight charge attack under the propulsion of the blue energy that it emits from the front and back of the trident.
  • Charge Attack: This seems to be his strongest attack almost identical to Kazuki's Sunlight Crasher where he charges the energy of the trident to deliver a faster and more destructive attack.


  • To show that Soya Muto is Kazuki and Tokiko's son, his design seems to be a combination of Kazuki and Tokiko, his overall physique, spiky hair and overall attire resemble Kazuki while his hair color, eye color and the color of his clothes match with Tokiko more. Even his Buso Renkin, the Lightning Pale Rider resembles a combination of their Buso Renkin.                                                                                                                         *Also his buso renkin number is the last two digits of his parents buso renkin  

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