Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type
Kakugane Serial Number(s) XLIV (44)
Creator Kazuki Muto
Form Two Lances
Main Color(s) Silver, blue, bright yellow and red
The Double Buso Renkin (Wの武装錬金 Daburu no Busō Renkin) Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type is the Double Buso Renkin counterpart of Sunlight Heart used by Kazuki Muto.


When activated it takes the form of a second lance similar to the original Sunlight Heart complete with its own red cloth, it had a different motif however, being decorated with a large diamond shape, blue stripes and four hexagon shapes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sunlight Heart Alternate Type

Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type

Energy Cloth: The cloth of the lance turns into an energy force when it resonates with Kazuki's willpower. The cloth's energy can be used as propulsive kinetic energy for forward charging, or, dissipating the gravitational forces of a fall. This ability is the origin of its name as the light it radiates shines like the rays of the sun.

Enhanced Durability:The weapon can be scratched but is difficult to completely destroy.


Sunlight Slasher: (formerly Jousting Slasher) A charge attack propelled by the cloth's energy. Kazuki uses this along with his original Sunlight Heart for double the power.


  • Its size makes it cumbersome in close combat. However, Kazuki has eventually mastered the lance to the point where this is rarely an issue.
  • The Double Buso Renkin requires more energy and experience from the user and which can make it and the original Buso Renkin unstable if the user doesn't have enough energy or experience as seen with Kazuki who couldn't use it for long and prepared it for a final attack.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states that he got the second lance's design motif from Getter Robo.
  • Sunlight Heart: Alternate Type was never named in the anime or manga as the original Sunlight Heart wasn't named until after the battle with Papillon. However it is named as such in the Jump Ultimate Stars video game and is used as one of Kazuki's attacks.


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