Sunlight Heart Plus
Kakugane Serial Number(s) Black Kakugane III
Creator Kazuki Muto
Form Lance
Main Color(s) Silver-white, bright yellow and red
"The New Light that Shines Toward the Heavens!" - Nobuhiro Watsuki

The Lance Buso Renkin Sunlight Heart + (突撃槍の武装錬金 サンライトハート 改 Ransu no Busō Renkin Sanraito Hāto Purasu) is the permanently upgraded form of the Sunlight Heart, the Buso Renkin of Kazuki Muto. It evolved from the original Sunlight Heart sometime after Kazuki first transformed into his Victor form.


In this form the Sunlight Heart has become a smaller and sleeker lance, it retains a similar dragon-face motif to the first lance featuring teeth-like zigzag patterns and hexagons, however it looks more rounded like a blade and closely resembles a sword. The decorative cloth has been removed in favor of a scale replica of the first Sunlight Heart's dragon-face main body motif which is at tip of the handle.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sunlight Heart Plus Expand

Sunlight Heart Plus' energy expansion.

  • Energy Expansion: At the will of the wielder, the energy in the lance activates, allowing the tip and sides to separate and grow to any size necessary. The shining golden energy is Kazuki's life-force and when he is in his Victor form, he involuntarily absorbs the life-forces of those around him, and the output of the lance is tremendously increased. This energy expansion increases the usefulness of the lance by giving it an increase in the range it can be used by turning the close combat lance into a mid and long range weapon. The energy can also be used to expand the size of the lance and be used as a shield.
  • Energy Propulsion: Similar to Sunlight Heart energy can be released to propel Kazuki forward. Instead of the energy cloth energy is released from the end of the lance. This can be done it two different ways. First, energy is released from the shaft and drives the end of the lance into the ground to launch Kazuki forward with the combined force of the recoil and the thrust of the spear. Second is the end of the spear open up to release energy as propulsion.
  • Enhanced Durability:The weapon is very difficult to destroy with conventional attacks.


  • As with the original lance, Sunlight Heart Plus acts as Kazuki's heart. Kazuki cannot survive if it is removed or destroyed.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states that out of respect of the designer who designed the original Sunlight Heart, he added the dragon-face motif on the tip of the handle.


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