Tokiko Tsumura
Other names Warrior Tokiko
Gut-Splatter Girl
Type Human (Alchemist Warrior)
Birthday August 7th (Leo)
Age 17, 18 (end of series)
Gender Female
Height 5'1" (154 cm)
Blood Type A
Affiliation Alchemist Army
Ginsei Private Academy
Newton's Apple All-Girl Academy (formerly)
Occupation Alchemist Warrior
Undercover student (formerly)
High School Student (2nd Year, Classroom B)
Dorm Resident
Team Team Bravo
Family Unnamed parents (Deceased)
Unnamed parents-in-law
Mahiro Muto (sister-in-law)
Kazuki Muto (First and True Love, Husband)
Soya Muto (Son)
Kakugane XLIV: Valkyrie Skirt
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1(Anime)
Voice Actor Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese)
Tara Platt (English)
Status Active
Tokiko Tsumura (津村斗貴子 Tsumura Tokiko) is an Alchemist Warrior in the Alchemist Army. She is the deuteragonist of the series, being Kazuki's main ally and eventually his girlfriend.


Tokiko is a fairly short character with orange eyes and blue shoulder-length hair. Her most distinguishing feature is the horizontal scar running across the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks. She is most commonly seen wearing the Newton Apple Academy for Girls uniform which is a blue and white sailor outfit with white cross designs and an orange bow. She also wears similarly designed knee length socks and white shoes. In more casual situations she wears a green shirt with a turtle-neck collar, yellow shorts and brown heeled boots.


Tokiko is a fairly serious character, and can barely tolerate the antics of Kazuki and his friends. She becomes irritated easily especially when people ask about her scar or about her relationship with Kazuki. She often threatens those who annoy her with her Valkyrie Skirt. She is also somewhat sensitive about her naval. In the Japanese version, apart from the pronoun watashi ("I/me") that is polite and used more frequently by girls and women, she uses men's speech, or words that are considered rough and typically used by boys and men, such as the particles zo, na, the pronoun kimi ("you"), the verb da ("to be"), etc, unlike other female characters who use more womanly language, such as Ouka Hayasaka.

She bears an extreme hatred toward the Homunculi due to the trauma of her past. Her hatred has made into a merciless but dedicated fighter as she furiously shreds Homunculi with her Buso Renkin while saying her catchphrase, "I'll splatter your guts!" Such as the case with Jinnai she will even torture some Homunculi to make them experience the same pain they inflict on others before finishing them off. This hatred also extends to those associated with the Homunculi such as the Hayasaka twins when they were Familiars of the L.X.E. as she was determined to kill them despite them still being human and unable to fight at the time. She was merciless even against Kazuki when he tried to stop her from harming the twins. Though her scar could have been easily removed by the power of alchemy, Tokiko had decided to keep it as a reminder of her desire to kill all Homunculi.

Her top priority is her job and the protection of others as she brought Kazuki back to life using a Kakugane and was even willing to commit suicide before transforming into a Homunculi. She is very dedicated to her job, having quit going to school in order to be more efficient. She dislikes getting others involved in her business and often prefers to fight alone. Her favorite spot is the water tower at the top of Ginsei Academy where she is often seen when she wants to be alone.

She felt a distinct attachment towards Kazuki when he was killed trying to save her and used the Kakugane to bring him back to life. She often admires his optimism and virtue, but can be annoyed at him when he is acting goofy. She is extremely affectionate, and truly and deeply cares for Kazuki, getting deeply upset and grieves whenever he is wounded and as well lamented for him when she thought he was dead. Over the course of the series, from the beginning to end, she begins to fall in love with him as shown when he was lying on her lap and the love grows steadily and accumulates as the series progress. When Tokiko saved Kazuki from Bravo's failed re-kill of Kazuki, she expresses that if he dies, she will die with him as she and him are one, essentially stating that she wants to stay by his side forever. Kazuki and Tokiko shares a passionate first kiss (as both give their first kiss to each other) during the sunset. Kazuki is Tokiko's first and true love.


As a young girl, her school was attacked by Homunculi. All the people in her school were killed or eaten by the Homunculi apart from herself, leaving her as the only survivor and was eventually found by Mamoru Sakimori.

Sometime afterwards she trained to become an Alchemist Warrior and eventually met and taught Gota Nakamura.

During one mission she infiltrated Newton Apple Academy for Girls where she found and retrieved Kakugane LXX (In actuality a disguised Black Kakugane III). Sometime later she was sent on another mission in Ginsei City.


A New Life ArcEdit


Tokiko faces off against Mita.

Tokiko is first seen in the Haunted Factory trying lure out a Homunculus while posing as an unknowing member of the public. As the Homunculus bears its fangs Kazuki Muto jumps in the way and is impaled by its tail. Tokiko manages to get away with Kazuki and saves his life by implanting Kakugane LXX into his chest to replace his heart and returns him to his dorm. She later contacts Kazuki when he is being chased by Mita to explain about the Homunculi. She eventually catches up with him and activates her Valkyrie Skirt to finish Mita off.

At the school library she explains Alchemy and about the Homunculi and Buso Renkin to Kazuki. She leaves telling Kazuki to stay with Mahiro and heads back to the Haunted Factory. She arrives and destroys almost all the Homunculi there and is confronted by Saruwatari, she proceeds to fight him until one of his remaining minions holds her leg so she can't dodge his attack. Kazuki then rushes in and quickly destroys Saruwatari. She later agrees to train Kazuki and tells him her name.


Tokiko being hugged by Mahiro.

She returns to the abandoned factory where she finds a Homunculus incubator. A Homunculus embryo is later dropped onto her by Koushaku Chouno who is riding on top of Washio. She quickly deflects the embryo however and attempts to attack Washio along with Kazuki but the Homunculus avoids the attack and flies away. Later she pays her respect with Kazuki to the victims of the Homunculi and meets Kazuki's friends for the first time. When they ask who she is her and Kazuki simultaneously state that she is his older sister which confuses them. As they are walking home Tokiko notices the embryo she had deflected before has now grabbed on to Mahiro's hair. It then attempts to jump onto Tokiko which causes Kazuki to push them both down a hill, knocking him unconscious. Later when he wakes up Tokiko reveals that despite his best efforts, the embryo attached itself to her body and reveals that it will take roughly 6 days for it to reach her brain and transform her into a Homunculus, it also makes it harder for her to activate her Buso Renkin. Her and Kazuki spend the next 4 days searching for the Papillon Mask Creator for the cure. She goes to visit Kazuki to return his phys-ed uniform, however his friends tell her that he hasn't returned to the dorm yet. She rushes off and searches the Homunculi feeding grounds until she finds an unconscious Kazuki by the riverside about to be finished off by Hanabusa. She jumps in and quickly destroys the Rose Homunculus. When Kazuki wakes up she is amazed when she finds out that Kazuki defeated Kawazui.

Tokiko takes Kazuki back to her hotel room to rest where he then wakes up the next day. She asks why he is surprised that she lives there and Kazuki comically thought that she lived on the streets prompting her to shout at him. She then explains that she doesn't go to school and that her uniform is from a past mission. When Kazuki asks why she dropped out of school she just says that it is because she hates all Homunculi. They later search the dorm for the Papillon Mask Creator. Kazuki draws a portrait that matches his description to help their search which impresses Tokiko but notes that the portrait doesn't really look like who they are looking for. She then goes through some records and informs Kazuki on the phone that she has identified the Creator as Koushaku Chouno.


The Homunculus core making its way to Tokiko's brain.

She meets with Kazuki not long after he had punched Chouno. They then go back to the dorm with Chouno where they find out more about him and his plans to turn himself into a humanoid Homunculus. She then prepares to destroy Chouno's 21st core but Washio arrives to confront the warriors. Washio grabs both the warriors and flies off outside Ginsei City where they eventually activate their Buso Renkins to escape his grasp and land safely. Tokiko and Kazuki both try to attack the Homunculus but he deflects their attacks with his wings, after several failed assaults they temporarily retreat where she activates her Valkyrie Skirt's Stand-by Mode for the first time. She asks Kazuki why he shouts out his attack names but then remembers that she also has a battle cry. Washio find them but they form a counter-attack using Kazuki as a decoy, this however fails as Washio can read the wind, Tokiko is then slashed by him as a result of this but Kazuki manages to land an attack on him regardless. When Kazuki goes to check on Tokiko she shows him that the Homunculus core inside her has almost reached her spinal cord. Washio then gets back up to fight Kazuki who tells Tokiko that she isn't to fight anymore despite her protests. She watches as Kazuki eventually destroys Washio. After the battle she lies on the ground with Kazuki and figures out what to do next as her legs are now paralyzed thanks to the Homunculus core. Against her original plan of going home the following morning Kazuki runs back to the dorm with her on his back.


Tokiko bandaged up by Mahiro.

They manage to get back to the dorm where they meet Mahiro and Kazuki's friends. Kazuki tells Mahiro that Tokiko injured her back and asks her to take care of Tokiko before he leaves. After Kazuki is given some motivation by his friends Tokiko gives him her cell-phone and Kakugane to help against Chouno. While Tokiko is being cared for by Mahiro Kazuki calls her to update her about his search, she then tells him that Chouno is most likely at his great-great grandfathers' old laboratory. After Kazuki's brief confrontation with the transformed Chouno, now known as Papillon Tokiko tells him to come home. However Kazuki asks her to pass the phone to his friends and Mahiro who give him the motivation to regain his fighting spirit, Kazuki then uses her Kakugane along with his to unleash his Double Buso Renkin. On the phone Tokiko informs Papillon that his transformation was a failure as he now has an immortal sickly body. She later screams Kazuki's name when he collapses after defeating Papillon. She grabs a knife ready to kill herself before the Homunculus takes over but Captain Bravo shows up having obtained the antidote. Kazuki wakes up the next day relieved to find that Tokiko is still alive. She tells him that his Buso Renkin shines like the sun and decides to name it Sunlight Heart.

L.X.E. ArcEdit

While Tokiko is watching the news on TV the news reporter is interrupted by Mahiro and Kazuki's friends, she goes to see Kazuki but is shocked to see that he is on TV as well. Not long afterwards during an interview she punches Kazuki in the gut and drags him away telling him that he has to rest.

Later she meets Kazuki in the Haunted Factory where she tells him that her mission is complete and that she will be deployed out of there when her next mission comes through. She reminisces about the past ten days apologizes to Kazuki for dragging him into the world of alchemy and mortal combat but Kazuki tells her it wasn't her fault. She tells him that he has been a big help but he disagrees telling her that if the Warrior Chief didn't show up she would be dead and that he couldn't save anyone from dying including Papillon. She then remembers that Kazuki isn't a proper warrior and cannot cope with killing just before Captain Bravo shows up to encourage Kazuki to hold on to his beliefs and tells them about their new mission. He tells Tokiko that she will be attending at Ginsei Private Academyandwill be living in the dorm, he then offers Kazuki the chance to become an official Alchemist Warrior to her surprise.


Captain Bravo offers Kazuki the chance to become and Alchemist Warrior and alongside him and Tokiko.

The next day she attends her first class at the academy where she is introduced to the class. The teacher asks her if she wants to introduce herself but she declines. The teacher then asks the class if they would like to ask her anything to which an outraged Okakura asks her about her relationship with Kazuki and whether she is his girlfriend, Mahiro also charges into the classroom to ask the same thing. The students surround her so she tells them to ask anything apart from anything to do with her scar or Kazuki, the students ask her loads of questions, some being normal and some rather odd ones. Afterwards Kazuki asks her about the Warrior Chief, but she says that she doesn't know anything about him as he always hides in his coat and never reveals his name, the only thing she does know is that he always shows up when a big battle is about to happen and he says "Bravo" a lot. To her surprise however Captain Bravo, without his coat on introduces himself to all the students as the new dorm manager. She asks Kazuki if he knows who he even is before being told off by Bravo for talking while he is introducing himself, telling them to report to his office afterwards. Bravo tells them about the Warrior Traitor who teamed up with Dr. Butterfly and formed the L.X.E., and that their next mission is to find and destroy them. He asks Kazuki if he wants to join as a warrior Bravo brought with him has gone missing, presumably dead, but Kazuki remains undecided. Tokiko attempts to convince him to back out and live a normal life.

Tokiko and Kazuki go into town to meet the newly healed and less hostile Papillon and go to a fast food restaurant. When Kazuki compliments Papillon's mask she tells him he should take it off. Captain Bravo then arrives where they then go to the roof of the Academy. When Kazuki becomes motivated and agrees to settle things with Papillon, Tokiko then asks him whether he can bring himself to kill him again, he reveals that he will in order to protect everyone. She is then startled when Kinjo shows up to face the warriors. She saves Kazuki from Kinjo's attack and readies her Kakugane to face him but is interrupted by Bravo who tells them that Kinjo is too strong for them two. Bravo then fights Kinjo, revealing that his coat is actually his Buso Renkin, the Silver Skin, and makes short work of Kinjo, taking away his Kakugane. He then tells Tokiko that along with Kazuki she needs to recover her warrior instincts. She later watches on as Kinjo is killed by Jinnai's Noisy Hamelin.


Tokiko is surrounded by hypnotized students.

At the dorm Kazuki and Bravo are talking about his training when Tokiko asks Bravo whether Kazuki should take some time off to recover and offers to assist in his training. Bravo, however tells her that he has another mission for her, to stay at the dorm and protect the Kakugane. Later that evening Mahiro tells her that she is surprised that she is not with Kazuki as they have become inseparable. Later, in bed Tokiko looks at the Kakugane and discovers a tracking device attached to it. Not long after she hears a supersonic wave from Jinnai's Buso Renkin, Noisy Hamelin and covers her ears. She leaves her room and is surrounded by the other students in the dorm who have just been hypnotized by the Noisy Hamelin, all wanting the Kakugane. After running from the students she is confronted by more hypnotized students, this time by Rokumasu who is talking about random facts and Daihama who grabs her, an insane Okakura appears but Tokiko kicks him in the head. She manages to get away from Daihama but is jumped on by Mahiro. She is surrounded again but she activates her Valkyrie Skirt to get away from them without hurting them by clinging to the walls. She begins to understand why Bravo told her to stay there, as the Homunculi target children and young teenagers. She quickly finds Jinnai and slashes him through the arm before he can react. She then notices Chisato coming out of her room, unaffected by the Noisy Hamelin as she was wearing headphones. When Jinnai attempts to devour her to heal his wounds, Tokiko has a flashback of the Homunculi who attacked and ate her school friends in the past. She screams and tackles Jinnai sending them both through the window and out in the woods. Jinnai boasts about how he will heal anyway and attacks using his whip but Tokiko tears his limbs off. When he pleads with her to give him back his arms and legs, She tells him to tell her the location of the L.X.E. Headquarters. Jinnai accepts and so Tokiko deliberately reattaches his arms to where his legs should go and vice-versa. Jinnai goes back on his word and attempts to attack again but notices his condition which angers him, realizing that he wont talk, Tokiko finishes him off.


Papillon evades Tokiko's attack and steals Jinnai's Kakugane.

Shortly after Papillon arrives who thanks Tokiko for killing Jinnai as he wanted his Kakugane. He goes to take it but Tokiko attacks Papillon stabs Papillon, however he takes the pain and manages to take Jinnai's Kakugane. She attacks Papillon again but ends up just stabbing his outfit which he used as a decoy. Papillon tells her that she seems like shes back to her normal self and taunts her before disappearing. She returns to the dorm where the students up wake after being hypnotized all thinking that they had odd dreams, she then tells them all to go back to bed.

On top of the water tower she resolves to kill all enemies and visits Bravo's office where they discuss Kazuki's training. The next day she notices that Kazuki is really tired in the day and tells him to rest but he refuses, however Bravo gives him the night off because of the rain. They prepare to run home due to the rain but Ouka Hayasaka offers them her umbrella saying that she will walk home with her brother after he finishes practice. Okakura, Daihama and Rokumasu turn up telling them they can use their umbrellas and so Kazuki decides to find Ouka's brother to give hers back. They find Ouka and her brother where he is training in the kendo club. Kazuki offers to spar with her brother leading Tokiko to voice her concern over his lack of energy, however Kazuki goes ahead regardless. In their sparring match Tokiko notices that Kazuki has improved as a warrior but is eventually bested. Ouka's brother tells Kazuki that his name is Shusui Hayasaka and the two become friends.


Tokiko, Ouka and Mahiro in the bath.

After watching the kendo practice, Tokiko, Mahiro and Ouka decide to get some tea. (In the anime they go to the bathhouse with the boys instead) Mahiro finds her espresso too bitter so she offers to trade drinks with her, Ouka then asks them both about their families. Tokiko tells her that her parents passed away a long time ago. Ouka tells Mahiro that she must be jealous as her brother has a girlfriend like Tokiko, before Mahiro can give a proper reply Tokiko yells out that she and Kazuki aren't in that kind of relationship. She soon gets a phone call from Kazuki and meets him where they report to Captain Bravo as Papillon told Kazuki that the enemy is close by. She tells Bravo that she will patrol the campus every day after school and if she should encounter the enemy, she will kill them immediately, however Bravo tells her that he would rather them keep the enemy alive so that they can get information on them about the location of the L.X.E. headquarters.

The next day Tokiko notices a lot of commotion in the school as Tai and Shi enter the school yard, poorly disguised as students. She meets Ouka but the two are quickly confronted by the two homunculi who run at them. Kazuki and Shusui quickly arrive where Kazuki intervenes by activating his Buso Renkin. While Kazuki gets the homunculi to chase him, she sounds the fire alarm to evacuate the school and proceeds to run after Kazuki, telling Shusui and Ouka to stay put as she will explain everything later.

Tokiko and Kazuki are confronted by Shusui and Ouka.

She yells at Kazuki telling him to be careful where he uses his Buso Renkin, she then realizes that the twins weren't even fazed by the sight of homunculi and Buso Renkin which makes her suspicious. As Kazuki clashes with Tai and Shi, Tokiko notices that his skill has improved as he isn't just charging heedlessly but is carefully analyzing his opponents. She quickly notices Tai being destroyed in a flash by a mysterious Buso Renkin, this causes Shi to attempt to escape she activates her Valkyrie Skirt and chases after him but Shi is quickly destroyed by a volley of arrows from another Buso Renkin. She realizes that the enemy is a different duo and looks up to see Ouka deactivating a Kakugane and Shusui alongside her with on of his own.

Later that night, Kazuki and Tokiko prepare to face off against the Hayasaka twins in the school gym. They decide to wait a while until the night watchmen have finished their rounds so nobody is involved.


Tokiko faces Ouka.

When Kazuki says that the school security is lousy, she tells him that he is no better as a warrior who's not willing to kill isn't much good either and that if he doesn't want to fight, they should contact Captain Bravo and have him take his place. Kazuki refuses stating that is the last thing he wants. Shusui confronts them both, Kazuki tells her that he will fight Shusui, who end up taking the fight outside. She follows them where a volley of arrows attempt to hit Kazuki, however she quickly activates her Valkyrie Skirt and deflects them, commenting that now they are acting more like homunculi. She tells Kazuki that she'll leave Shusui to him while she goes after Ouka. She finds Ouka standing on her spot on the water tower of the school roof, she tells her to come down as that spot is reserved for herself. Ouka fires more arrows from her Angel Gozen but Tokiko deflects them all, she tells Ouka that she will have to do better as all she is doing is putting holes in the roof, she then notices that the automation that assists Ouka fires the arrows for her and so wonders what the gauntlet on her other hand is for. While thinking about this she notices one arrow managed to get by her and hit one of her manipulators causing it to break. Tokiko becomes angry and states that she doesn't care about taking her alive anymore declaring that she will rip out her guts. Ouka fires off another volley of arrows but Tokiko charges through them protecting her vitals with her Valkyrie Skirt which injures her arms and legs in the process and slices the water tower in half, managing to grazing Ouka at the same time. This causes Ouka to deactivate her Buso Renkin and retreat, not before sending the automation to distract Tokiko.


Kazuki defends the Hayasaka twins from Tokiko.

Just after Ouka transfers Shusui's wounds to herself, Tokiko arrives and slashes Shusui's clothes revealing his homunculus emblem but notes that it is just fluorescent paint proving that they are familiars, not homunculi. Shusui keeps his promise and tells them about their desire to become humanoid homunculi so that they can live together for eternity, they recite pretend wedding vows from the wedding game when they were kids while telling them of their tragic past. Even after hearing this however she doesn't feel sympathy for them, claiming that becoming homunculi and making other people suffer is unforgivable as she goes to attack them. Kazuki then stops Tokiko telling her that they are still human, she tells him that they are the enemy and have sold their souls to the homunculi and must be destroyed. Kazuki argues with her saying that they are still human and that it isn't too late for them. Kazuki states that he couldn't save Chouno but this time he has to save the twins. Tokiko asks him if he is going to defend the enemy to which Kazuki tells Tokiko that they are in no shape to fight anymore and that he doesn't want her or himself to commit murder. She tells Kazuki that his softness is a liability on the battlefield and will eventually get him killed and tells him that she will take away his ability to fight. She attacks Kazuki but he deflects most of her attacks until she manages to throw Kazuki aside. She goes to finish the twins off but Kazuki manages to defend them once more. She asks Kazuki who he wants to defend the most as they are enemies, Kazuki tells her that wants to protect everybody and reminds her of when she saved his life and states that this could be a new beginning for the twins. Shusui uses this opportunity to stab Kazuki through the abdomen in a last ditch attempt to finish their mission but Ouka quickly fires her heart arrow and transfers Kazuki's injury to herself. As Ouka is about to accept death Kazuki tells her not to give up and uses the twins Kakugane to try to heal her, they needed one more however so he asks Tokiko if they can use hers and tells her that it is her choice to save her or let her die. She decides to let them use it which helps stop Ouka from bleeding.


Tokiko threatens Angel Gozen.

Ten days later Tokiko and the others go to visit the Hayasaka twins at the hospital. On their way to their room a nurse tells them that only authorized individuals are allowed to visit and tells them to leave. They decide to charge past the nurse but are stopped by several doctors, however Kazuki and Tokiko manage to get through. They pass by Captain Bravo who tells them not to run in the halls and tells them that the hospital has connections with headquarters so they have a little freedom there. Tokiko says that it explains why it is so strange there. They enter Ouka's room where they are greeted by Angel Gozen shocking her and Kazuki, Bravo explains that Ouka cannot talk for long so they turned on Angel Gozen's speech capability. She comments that it is now stupider than ever, in response Gozen mocks Tokiko and her Buso Renkin, but Tokiko activates the Valkyrie Skirt and threatens Gozen which causes it to urinate while asking Bravo if she can take it apart as she is curious about its A.I. Bravo explains that Angel Gozen is the embodiment or alter-ego of sorts to Ouka. She asks why Ouka is grinning, Bravo tells her that Ouka is more devilish than she is. She leaves the room with Bravo and asks him if he was able to get any information from Ouka. Bravo tells her that they now know the location of the L.X.E. headquarters and that they are going on the offensive.


Tokiko, Kazuki and Bravo meet with Angel Gozen.

Tokiko, Kazuki and Bravo meet with Angel Gozen on the roof of Ginsei High, where she and it continue to argue. Tokiko calls it pathetic as it knows nothing about the L.X.E. except the location of their headquarters. It does tell them however that if they take out Dr. Butterfly the L.X.E. will fall apart and so Bravo plans to launch an attack on their headquarters. Bravo tells them that their mission will begin in 13 hours at 8 o'clock in the morning.


Tokiko performs a finishing pose alongside Kazuki, Bravo and Angel Gozen.

In the morning Tokiko, Kazuki, Bravo and Angel Gozen head off to the L.X.E. Headquarters. On the way Kazuki asks her if she can swim as they are planning to go to the beach during the summer break. When she tells him it isn't the time for discussing that, Bravo tells him that he will drive them there to Tokiko's confusion. They arrive outside the headquarters which appears to be a large house, Bravo says that Dr. Butterfly's laboratory is in the basement of the house. At the front door Moonface is heard asking them for the password. Gozen tells them they must answer the password and a finishing pose to her anger. They each answer the password correctly and do a finishing pose with Tokiko posed like Sailor Moon. However the door doesn't open, and in a fit of rage, Tokiko busts the door open with her Buso Renkin and the team charges forward, Kazuki busts a hole in the floor which leads to Dr. Butterfly's lab. When they enter it Gozen panics as the restoration tank with the Warrior Traitor is missing. Moonface reveals himself and says that Dr. Butterfly took the tank with him as the traitor only needs to feed before he awakens. Moonface introduces himself along with his Buso Renkin and tells them that Dr. Butterfly has gone to Ginsei High. Bravo tells them to go and protect the school so he and Tokiko quickly fly out of the lab using the Sunlight Heart.


Angel Gozen guides Kazuki and Tokiko through the fog.

As she, Kazuki and Gozen head for the school they notice that it is surrounded by a strange fog and decides to charge in with Kazuki, she notices that there are metallic particles floating in the fog and deduces that it is a Buso Renkin which disorientates peoples senses. Luckily for them Gozen manages to guide them towards the school where they confront Dr. Butterfly with the restoration flask containing the Warrior Traitor and his horde of Revised Humanoid Homunculi. They activate their Buso Renkin and fight the Homunculi, destroying many of them until Shinyo Suzuki convinces the students that they are monsters in human form, causing them to throw objects out of the window at them. However Kazuki says that it isn't the time to convince the students that they are the good guys and continues fighting the Homunculi. Eventually they hear Okakura, Daihama and Rokumasu arguing with Shinyo, telling him and the students that the two warriors are not the bad guys and that they can tell they are their friends even a midst the fog. She notices that Kazuki seems to draw strength from other people as he fights for others instead of himself.

Tokiko and Kazuki being cheered on by the students.

Shortly after they are cheered on by all the students at the school, however the remaining Homunculi merge together to create two Super Revised Homunculi. Kazuki immediately destroys one of them, leaving her astonished, until Papillon arrives, activating his Buso Renkin, Near-Death Happiness and destroys the second one. Dr. Butterfly readies himself to fight her, Kazuki and Papillon while an alarm on the restoration flask goes off signalling the Warrior Traitor's awakening. This triggers a strange effect which drains the energy from all the students in the academy causing her and Kazuki to go inside the school to stop the flask, leaving Papillon an Dr. Butterfly to fight each other. Inside the school Tokiko and Kazuki pass by their classroom, Kazuki stops to go in to see if his friends are okay but she tells him not to as it will only waste time as they need to stop the energy drain quickly. Kazuki opens the door regardless where he bumps into Okakura, after a brief pep talk they go on ahead. Just before they go, Mahiro asks her to take care of her brother. Kazuki decides to take a shortcut by using his Sunlight Heart to burst through each floor of the school until he reaches the roof and destroys the restoration flask. She looks on in awe as Kazuki manages to pierce straight through the restoration flask until his lance is stopped barehanded by Victor Powered, the Warrior Traitor. She quickly rushes to Kazuki's side but has her energy drained by Victor. Victor explains that his energy drain is like breathing and as such he cannot stop it. After Kazuki is struck down by Victor, Tokiko attacks him with the Valkyrie Skirt, however he blocks every single one of her attacks and throws her backwards, telling her that the Alchemist Warriors betrayed him not vice-versa.

Tokiko grieving over Kazuki's apparent death at the hands of Victor.

Eventually Victor reveals his Black Kakugane, shocking her as she had never seen such a thing. Victor activates his Buso Renkin, Fatal Attraction and destroys Kazuki's Sunlight Heart, severely damaging his Kakugane and blowing a hole through his chest in the process. Upon seeing this Tokiko goes berserk and attacks Victor but is knocked back next to Kazuki's seemingly lifeless body. Her energy is drained once more while she blames herself for Kazuki's apparent death and screams in despair. Shortly after however she sees Kazuki's Kakugane pulsating which causes him to stand up to her delight, however he keeps repeating the word "fight!", eventually calling the Kakugane to him. She looks on in horror however as the coating on his Kakugane shatters revealing it to be Black Kakugane III which transforms Kazuki into a Victor. She watches on as Kazuki clashes with Victor who manages to fight on equal footing with Victor. Victor eventually decides to retreat to see the world explaining that he and Kazuki have plenty of time to face each other. Kazuki goes to run after him but Tokiko clings onto him stating hat she is responsible for his transformation and tells him not to let his heart change. Kazuki holds her before she falls over and returns back to his normal self. Soon after she tells Kazuki and Papillon that they should go back to the L.X.E. Headquarters to see if Bravo will know anything.

Afterwards she and Kazuki check up on his friends and the other students and are glad to find that nobody has been severely injured. When they decide to head to the L.X.E. Headquarters to meet Bravo, Kazuki grabs onto Papillon's leg who decides to fly there. Okakura wakes up briefly and passes her his keys telling her that she should take his scooter hidden behind the dorm if she is in a hurry. She takes the scooter and subsequently follows Papillon and Kazuki towards the base. Just before they reach the base they see it exploding with many Moonfaces being destroyed in the process. They meet Captain Bravo who emerges from the rubble holding Moonface's severely damaged body. They inform Bravo of the previous incident and ask him if he knows anything about the Black Kakugane or the third type of being, Unfortuentely Bravo doesn't know any more than they do. Later that evening Bravo tells her and Kazuki that he is going back to his headquarters to get to the bottom of the incident, before praising them for accomplishing their mission.

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At the end of the series, she is forced to give up her Kakugane when the Alchemist Warriors suspended operations, but Kazuki assures her that the one he uses as his heart will be enough for the both of them. In "Buso Renkin After", we find out her image is being used as part of a fast-food promotion under the name "Gut-Splatter Girl"

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Tokiko is extremely agile as she is commonly seen jumping along the rooftops. She is also an extremely fast fighter, able to dodge most attacks and strike back with deadly accuracy.

Enhanced Durability: She is able take most injuries from opponents attacks and keep on fighting. Even when a Homunculus core was embedded in her body causing extreme pain she was able to keep fighting. Her Kakugane also helps by slowly healing her wounds.

Keen Intellect: Tokiko has a vast knowledge of Alchemy and its history, using it during her missions. In battle she is highly perceptive and cunning, able to come up with strategies in little time to help defeat her opponents.

Buso RenkinEdit

Buso Renkin of the Death-Scythe, Valkyrie Skirt (ヴァルキリー・スカート Varukirī Sukāto)


"The Secret Weapon of a Battle Maiden!".

Tokiko possesses Kakugane XLIV which takes the form of four scythe-like blades lined with four hexagons each and are connected to attachments clamped to her thighs via 3 mechanical arm segments each. If any of her blades do break from the skirt, she can still wield them as swords or even throw them at opponents.


Valkyrie Skirt's Standby Mode.

  • Arm Manipulators: The Valkyrie Skirt can be controlled via synaptic nerve impulses through her skin. She is capable of using them a number of ways, from attacking numerous enemies at once to using them to boost her jumps and cushion her landings. She has also used them to traverse difficult terrain and even skate across walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, the weapon is ill-equipped to fight enemies of great physical power or endurance. To make up for these deficiencies, Tokiko uses strategy and agility.
  • Standby Mode: The blades of her Buso Renkin fold up and shrink to resemble miniature wings. Along with her school outfit, this makes the skirt resemble that of a Valkyrie, hence the name Valkyrie Skirt.


  • Nobuhiro Watsuki states she was a feminized version of Himura Kenshin's design as the Hitokiri Battōsai.
  • According to Nobuhiro Watsuki:
    • Her bust size is 78 cm, her waist size is 55 cm and her hip size is 79 cm.
    • She likes rice balls, the color purple and airy spaces.
    • She dislikes Homunculi and unnecessary deaths.
    • Her hobby is training.
    • Her special ability is that she is good at getting dressed fast.
    • When bandaged up, she wears them similar to Shishio Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin which is another work done by Nobuhiro Watsuki


  • "I'll splatter..your guts!"
  • (To Kazuki Muto "Take good care of your new life."
  • (To Kazuki Muto) "His eyes are like a rotten sewage river."
  • (To Kazuki Muto) "You became a little stronger today."
  • (To Kazuki Muto) "Did you know? Kazuki. Your Buso Renkin's energy up close, it's a golden yellow color similar to the rays of the sun. It took me a while to name your lance but what do you think of Sunlight Heart? Do you like it?"
  • (To Kazuki Muto) "Does it make you happy that I'm older?"
  • (To Papillon) "With your immortal, sickly will suffer in pain and agony for eternity. That is the result of you wanting to live while sacrificing countless people. You deserve it."
  • (To Kazuki Muto) "Ten days ago I dragged you into a world of alchemy and mortal combat. I'm sorry for that."
  • (To Ginsei High students) "No questions about my scar or Kazuki! Anything else?!"
  • "I'm here so that day will never be repeated again so that I can kill every last Homunculus!!"
  • (To Jinnai) "If you talk, I'll kill you quick. But if you don't, you'll suffer the torments of hell before you die."
  • (To Ouka Hayasaka) "Come down here. That spot's reserved for me."
  • (To Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka) "Fine, sounds like you two got a raw deal in life but the fact that you want to become Homunculi and make other people suffer is unforgivable! And now you're both going to die!!"
  • "What did I do to Kazuki on that spring night two months ago? What have I done?!"


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