Underground Searchlight
Kakugane Serial Number(s) L (51)
Creator Victoria Powered
Form Shelter
Main Color(s) Ivory and light Green

The Shelter Buso Renkin Underground Searchlight (避難壕の武装錬金 アンダーグラウンドサーチライト Sherutā no Busō Renkin Andāguraundo Sāchiraito) is the Buso Renkin of Victoria Powered.


Victoria possesses Kakugane LI which takes the form of a giant, Hidden Shelter not unlike the Alchemist Headquarters. It has served as both the home and research lab for Victoria and her mother for the past Hundred Years,

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Spatial Generation: The Shelter resides in another dimension, it's entrance is virtually impossible to detect once the entrance is closed.
  • Size/Shape Manipulation: The Size, shape and contents of the shelter can be altered at will, but the larger and more complex the interior, the greater the drain on the creator.
  • Power/Water Generation: While it normally obtains power and water by tapping into local facilities, in an emergency the shelter can generate it's own power and produce up to one months worth of water.


  • Watsuki created this Buso Renkin because he needed a place for Victoria and Alexandria to remain hidden in order to carry out their research for the last hundred years.
  • The basic design was an octagonal shape with a '60's or 70's Science Fiction Feel' to.
  • The name comes from the Kinniku Shojo Tai song "Underground Searchlight". Watsuki claims he really liked the sound and message behind it.


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