Unnamed Homunculus
Type Homunculus (Humanoid)
Gender Male
Affiliation L.X.E.
Occupation L.X.E. Homunculus
Debut Chapter 35 (Manga)
Status Deceased

This unnamed humanoid Homunculus was a member of the L.X.E. in the manga only.


He had sharp eyes, long slicked back black hair with thick black eyebrows and a black mustache. He wore a plain jacket, shirt and trousers.


Not much is known if his personality but he seems to be easy to anger as he threatened Papillon when he nudged him in the hallway. He also states that he will kill anybody who disrespects him regardless of who they are.


L.X.E. ArcEdit

An angry looking Papillon bumps into him in the hallway at the L.X.E. Headquarters. He mocks Papillon, telling him to apologize and tells him that he doesn't care if he is related to Dr. Butterfly as he doesn't tolerate disrespect. He then tells Papillon that he will kill anybody who messes with him. Papillon grabs his face and angrily tells him that he was on his way to see Dr. Butterfly and asks him to come along. He struggles but Papillon keeps hold of his face while eavesdropping on Dr. Butterfly and Moonface's conversation. Papillon pulls out his Kakugane and activates his Near-Death Happiness which seemingly destroys him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Regeneration: Like all Homunculi he has the ability to regenerate quickly from any non-alchemic attacks. However he stood no chance against even the activation of Papillon's Buso Renkin.


  • It wasn't made completely clear whether this character was a Homunculus or a Familiar, however his hand was shown to be disintegrating in the same manner as other Homunculi when Papillon activated his Buso Renkin.


  • (To Papillon) "Hey, noob, no apology for bumping into me? I don't care if you are related to Dr. Butterfly, I don't tolerate disrespect! I'll kill anybody that messes with me!"

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