Victorization (ヴィクター化 Vikutā-ka) is the process by which an individual transforms into a being of incredible strength and vitality through the utilization of a Black Kakugane. The outward appearance of the affected is bronze skin and luminous green hair. The human is termed "victorized" (ヴィクター化した者 Vikutā-ka shita mono) by the Alchemic Warrior organization, and they are a huge threat to humanity: even more dangerous than homunculus, victors have the ability to drain the life force from groups of humans or other life forms.

In Buso RenkinEdit

Only two humans are known to have undergone the transformation: Kazuki Muto and Victor Powered. The latter is the victor the process was named after. Both were affiliated with the A.W., and both had a Black Kakugane placed within their bodies to serve as their hearts after they died.

The most prominent and dangerous ability of a victor is life energy absorption. They will draw the life force from any living being close enough to them, leaving the absorbed weakened or if in the victors presence long enough dead. What makes this truly menacing is that the victor can't stop it. The absorption is as uncontrollable to them as breathing is to a human.

Victors are nigh invincible to almost all forms of weaponry, aside from Buso Renkin, although these hardly make a scratch. Indeed, even battles between two victors will only result in a stalemate, as is what happens at the end of Buso Renkin between Kazuki and Victor in a fight on the surface of the moon. Victors, like homunculi, do not need air to breathe; they instead draw "breath" from the energy of living things. The only way to reverse the transformation is to neutralize the Black Kakugane with a white one.


After victorization, the victor's skin becomes flushed and pink all over and their hair turns an eerie light green colour. At this stage they have all the abilities a victor normally has and their physical strength has increased dramatically.

After absorbing a certain amount of life energy the victor will ascend to level 2 where they permanently transform and can no longer return to their human form. They then will evolve into level 3 where their skin darkens dramatically making them appear to be cast in a perpetual shadow. Strength, speed and endurance all increase dramatically, the energy drain will also become stronger than the previous forms and the white Kakugane will no longer fully restore them to human beings.

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